I won a pipe raffle

Discussion in 'General' started by Benito, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. So stoked! from The Bern Gallery in Burlington VT. Artist, Jason "Live Free" Gordon" Diffused stem double bubbler with one stemless chamber.




    "Jesus Cannabis"
    hits cleannnnnnn
  2. Jeus that looks cool.

  3. Holy shit man. You are one lucky bastard. Hows it hit?
  4. That looks expensive as fuck.

  5. clean as fuck. there's alot of air space inside of the pipe so the clear takes a bit longer than usual. the rush is huge and the bowl packs about a G. its like a bong-rip. the only problem is keeping it clean. Ive got a fat resin ring around the middle of the 2nd chamber with the weed leaf in it.
  6. you are one jucky bastard! damn you look happy as hell mang. that thing is truly sick:hello: so hows it smoke? as if i hafta ask...
  7. Thats a cool looking pipe bro. Nice score!

  8. i think it would have retailed around $600. probably could've talked them down to $550 haha.
  9. Maybe I'm slow, but.. What's that lil thing at the bottom?

  10. potleaf nailed to a cross

  11. Great pipe, I hope its worth burning in hell for all of eternity.

  12. I don't get the whole design of the pipe. Maybe I'm a bit slow too.
  13. very nice glass
  14. That's a crazy looking piece man, I'm diggin' it.
  15. I second milkshot
  16. Why do you look so sober though? If I'd just got that, my eyes would be mighty red.

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