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I won 100,000 dollars!!!! NOT

Discussion in 'General' started by agent0064life, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. I take my lunch break at McDonalds once or twice a week, and I normally smoke a bowl on the way there/back. I'm gettin a good buzz on, go in McDonalds and look at the display menu they have above/behind the cashier.

    WOW! It all looks amazing! They have everything set up on plates in the pictures and it looks like they hired a real photographer to take some swank pictures of this McD's food.

    These pictures were so enticing that instead of getting my usual double cheeseburgers with no pickle or onion coupled with some nuggets with the patented thin-but-not-too-thin McDonalds-branded honey, I decided to get a southern chicken sandwich meal. It just looked absolutely amazing, and it had to -- after all, I never usually stray from my normal choices.

    I get my bag from the same good-looking cashier that I see nearly every time I go there, we make some chit chat but nothing comes of it as usual, I fill my drink and go on my way.

    Back at my work there's no spots to park - it's one busy day at the hotel. On my way out to McD's I tried to hide the fact that I was pulling out, so much so that I walked away from my car at first because there was someone looking for a spot, and I didn't want to let them know I was leaving, hoping I'd get my spot back in 20 minutes or so when I got back. Well that was gone so I had to park illegaly, where my car still is right now (hopefully).

    I go inside my cozy office and start to munch munch munch away when I thought it would be a good time to attempt the seemingly impossible task of unpeeling the Monopoly stickers from my drink. I swear I am the only one that has problems doing this, I almost fuck it up every time and have fucked the collectable pieces up many a time.

    So here it is, the first piece - it reads

    "mmmm[The McDonalds Arches]
    Arches Avenue

    I did a double and a triple take.

    "No way," I thought. No way this is possible.

    Then it hit me. I FUCKING WON 100,000 DOLLARS!

    I go online to make sure, look up golden arches -

    turns out, that is the common piece of the set of two.

    Damn... better luck next time.

    So has anyone else been fooled by this new monopoly piece?
  2. never fooled, in fact, i always get park place. it sucks i hate that!
  3. I work at a mc donalds.. apparently lots of people have been under the assumption that they are winning $100,000. It's amusing to watch their reactions :p
  4. haha i just got off work at mcdonalds and peeled my sticker about 20 mins ago. that was the first time i damn near couldnt it! i feel your troubles bro:p
  5. HAHAHAH! Im so glad someone made this thread...

    The other day me and my boy was riding around town, we go to McD's. Get our shit at the drive thru and all that. We driving down the road, and I see my friend peeling the stickers off his cup. All the sudden he does a sharp intake of air, and I jerk my head to look at him.

    He looks at me and his eyes are fucking bugging, and he says "Dude... Dude! I JUST WON A HUNDRED GRAND!" I take the ticket from him and just bust out laughing, cause it was the same thing that the OP got. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    He was so let down.
  6. YEAA

    i was doing a google seach on it cus i thought my mum won it and i found this...:rolleyes:
  7. oh my god I made google!


    What result was I and what did you search for?

    Just curious.
  8. u cant win
    its a scam..
  9. LMFAO... i smoked like a half then went to macd's and peeled of the pieces and THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPEND! i was screaming I WON 100K!
    i even went and woke up the rents for the GREAT news.... felt like a dumbfuck when i found out i didnt win
  10. Damn... you know McDonalds is gonna get sued for this eventually.
  11. i hope so
  12. McD's is the devil.
    but damn their food is good and cheap. who doesn't love double cheese's and large sweet teas for a buck each?
  13. Ice teas around here went up to 1.29
  14. you eat mc'd's once or twice a week? save yourself.

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