I witnessed some stoners do some stupid shit

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  1. What's up GC,

    I was outside of another residence hall earlier tonight smoking a blunt by myself. I go there so I'm not directly in front of my dorm, in case someone does realize its a blunt. Also though, because there's a real dark spot with some trees and an air vent that blows hot air if I get cold.

    Anyway, here I am smoking this blunt at like 11pm. I see these 4-5 guys walk out of said residence hall and head towards a car. One of the kids was playing with his lighter, and I could just all around tell they were stoners. Once they get to the car, some shenanigans ensue, and the driver is about to drive away while one of the kids is standing in front. I assume he got locked out or didn't wanna sit bitch, but I didn't see the entire thing go down.

    The kid standing in front of the car kicks it, then starts to climb onto its hood. He keeps at it and eventually is sitting entirely on the hood. The driver decides it would be a good idea to put it in drive, and all of a sudden they're going 10-15mph down the parking lot. After 30yds or so, the driver SLAMS on the brakes (I witnessed this and heard the tires screech to a halt). I see the kid hit his head on the bumper and after a quick sound effect of *smack* *whack* *scrape* the kid is 10 yds away in pain.

    After a few minutes he gets up and limps away, inspecting what I assume to be a pretty bad scrape. The driver and his friends get out and he sits down near another nursing his wounds. Shortly later, they get back into their car and drive away. Still gotta blaze I guess! :D


    p.s. before (at 11pm) when I was about to post this story, my fuckin internet died and I just retyped the whole thing

  2. Sounds like they were pretty intoxicated.
  3. No worries, I rolled with the fall and didn't get hurt too bad.

  4. Good thing you signed your name. I couldn't tell who posted this.
  5. Sounds like more drunken than stoned antics to me. Nevertheless that would be intriguing to watch.
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    Alright, good to hear. Dude, what kind of car was your friend rollin' in? It looked pretty slick and I haven't seen it around campus before.

    Hey, don't mention it. By the way, interesting choice of avatar. Is that a doctor bending over?


    please refrain from calling other members names in the future.


  7. nice...used to hit up a spot like that way back in my freshman year :smoke:...during winters it was prime.
  8. But...you also have a signature...?:confused_2:
  9. he was referring to



    not the image signature

  10. whats with the smart ass comments? i just dont understand, thats so unnecessary dude grow the fuk up

  11. Agreed. That was uncalled for , bro. This is a marijuana forum , so chill the fuck' out.
  12. it read it as sarcastic humor i dont think he was being hurtful... but as always... chiil, these forums are pretty good usually for people not giving a fuck and being good-spriited :)
  13. That shit isn't really funny, a kid died literally 5 houses down from me a few summers ago from falling off the top of his buddies car. It was actually a kid that i knews brother. They were partying in the middle of the night and he thought it would be funny to jump on top of his friends car as he was leaving. He was only going 15mph or so and he fell off the top and got fatal head damage. It was fucked up seeing the white chalk outline of his body directly on the street.

    I don't mean to be all negative about it, i just thought i would share. At least the kid you saw was fine afterwards.
  14. nice story. I love when shit like that happens while your smoking, live entertainment.

  15. um...police dont actually do white chalk lines ya know. it contaminates the scene so...not to be a dick about it, but i call shenanigans.
  16. Yeah, the only do it on tv. I think the guy's lying
  17. I call mega-shenanigans. Not sure if anyone else said so but yeah, they don't do that chalk outline crap, it'd be a bit ridiculous anyway when they can obviously afford some camera.
  18. Haha, shitty deal Dan.

    And am i really the one that needs to chill out? If i wanted to be a dick about it i would said something alot more "Dick-like", I'm just out to get a few laughs, and i seem to have done that, haha.

  19. la la la :D

    I won't lie to you, I've been a lot more on edge since moving. The new living situation doesn't allow me to medicate as often.
  20. wait is the dude who got hit a member of GC or was that just somebody else pretending to be him? If that really was him am I and the OP the only people who noticed this epic event where we're talking about a random stranger on here and he replies to the thread about himself!!

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