I wish.

Discussion in 'General' started by Tyrone_C, May 1, 2006.

  1. I wish I could play the piano better.

    I wish it were cold so I could wear a sweater.

    I wish it were summer so I could stay up late.

    I wish it were dark so I could fornicate.
  2. I wish It was 40 days from now.

    I wish I really could explain my love for my girlfriend, in other ways.

    I wish thingsin the world where, different.

    I wish weed was decriminalized just for the sole purpose of being able to walk down the street and smoke a joint liek a cig and have nobody care, or if just nobody worried about it.

    I wish I could apply to college now and find out in five mins if iwas excepted or not.
  3. alright... confused... is this a song or just listing thing i wish?...


    i wish my girlfriend didnt care i smoked

    i wish i knew how much bud i've toked

    i wish i could be high as the sky

    i wish to go to heaven when i die
  4. I wish for teh mad chronic down the street.
  5. i wish i had every cd/tape/mp3 created.
  6. i wish i was high, i have weed, but im too lazy to sneak out and smoke
  7. I wish i didnt keep running out of money

    I wish i had a job

    I wish i wasnt failing school

    I wish that mankind would stop killing the earth
  8. I wish my girlfriend would just get over it and swallow my load!
  9. i wish i had a glass peice

    i wish i had a future

    i wish i wasnt failing %50 of my classes in school

    i wish i had some weed

    i wish i had more friends to toke with

    i wish i had some teryaki chicken

    i wish it was winter and school was out because i love the cold

    i wish i could find a non whore girl, im not interested in all the skanks around here

    to be continued
  10. I wish I never got caught and I could smoke freely still.

    I wish I had work ethic.

    I wish I lived in a different house.

    I wish the world was liberal.
  11. i wish i had the choice (legally) to consume what i want, when i want...for its the only thing i own partially: my body.
  12. I wish I had a ROOR
    I wish I was hallucinating on the floor
    I wish I had a lot of pot
    I wish I had some tater tots
  13. I wish time would speed up so I can get my bud faster
    This wall is brown and mostly likely made of plaster.
    Writing in couplets can be so much fun
    In a half an hour I will smoke bowls to the face and be done.
  14. I wish I had reason to care
  15. ROTFLMAO!!! :D :D :D

    Hey, everyone, get this... I'm a FAIRY and I grant all your wishes!!! POOF!!!!:D :D :D
  16. I wish I was little bit taller, I wish I was a baller I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her
  17. serious! she'll take it in the mouth and isn't that the worst part?

    She just wants to get knocked up so she can close the deal and make the kill.

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