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I wish they gave Medical Marijuana for anxiety attacks..

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Basiledes, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. My whole life ive had anxiety, Shaking, nervousness, worrying, no sleep blah blah blah its shitty, then in 6th grade I started smoking pot and it would just mellow me out, I wouldnt worry and it felt like I was normal but with a high. well when im not high I still have bad anxiety and shit. I say the government just supplies me with G13 so I can just always be high cause I can do anything better high then when im sober with anxiety.
  2. Hey I understand how you feel. I've been diagnosed with Panic Disorder for 2 1/2 years. I've been on Paxil CR and Xanax ever since. But I find that a little bud every day helps tremendously. I've been waning off of the meds and smoking one more bowl a day and it seems to be working well. But make sure you don't smoke too much at one time if you have anxiety/panic disorder, because it can trigger a massive attack.
  3. I have generalized anxiety disorder,
    and I find that herb helps me
    tremendously too. Only problem is it's
    so damn expensive, but I'ma start
    growing soon, and then it's easy sailing.
  4. Hey Man,

    I REALLY FEEL FOR YOU! My mother has bipolar disorder and when I lived with her she was a little irrational, BUT she had such a WONDERFUL heart and the doctor told her she had the tendency to brilliance, which I doubt you want to hear now, but I was on paxil for about 1 year and now I have defeated it (off it, had to.... insurance reasons) and If I can you can tooo!!! I'm intuitively brilliant and am artist, but I find that my disposition is limiting my potential because of sensitivity to my environment sometimes, I get BLINDED AND EMPTY from a unexpected world. So peculiar!!!

    I love you because the spirit leads the way down the path of life. Follow the spirit of life of happiness and you will become PART of his power, enlightenment, and care. ( ; OF HIM.. OUR MAGESTY OUR GREATNESS

    Opinions built upon a malfunctioning foundation of a majority paradigm, but the eternal spirit will always be true to YOU. Providing you a love and serenity of it's care to your being in a co-existent world of influence in word and noise to disrupt you peace .

    Be optomistic and courageous because you are a child of God.

    I will pray for you, the spirit IS VERY POWERFUL, a perceptive alteration of you world!!!!!!!!! You will see life through my eyes because I care so much!!!

    With humility : )

    I have almost died twice, and I know the meaning of life, but I'm not FRIGHTENED OF DIEING I KNOW MY LORD. A inconceivable magnificence... a spendor..... I see it now.


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