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i wish the city had a smellascope (macros)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by reggaemylitis, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. this is so skunky and citrusy, the smell is oozing outta the jar and everywhere. My bad i kinda have shaky hands, if i get around to it tomorrow ill try to get some better ones...
  2. city i would like you all to know i just smoked a 1/3 of bowl if this stuff, and i'm very stoned. i have an 1/8 of what you see there so i can tell you the smell is fucking killer. its its like a like some one beat a skunk to death with a sack of orange peels.

    such a clear sativa high too, very nice.

    +rep sharing* some great bud
  3. yea definately a sativa high^
  4. Damn, wish you had a smokascope ;)
  5. hey good stuff!
  6. bump for some love... where are ya gc?
  7. Nice buds man, very nice.
  8. LOL! Its like some1 beat a Skunk 2 death with a sack of orange peels. :laughing: I Love Sativa, looks like sum Stanky Danky! +REP! :wave::smoking:
  9. Looks very tasty, nice pick up!
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  10. Looks dank. :smoking:
  11. damn this thread bumped my guy reggaemylitis over me in rep... o well with the dank bud posts he deserves it.
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  12. thanks man, means a lot from u.
  13. if it did have a smellascope i think my neighbors would start to wonder where that skunk smell is comin from

    nice buds tho
  14. Looks like you got some fresh nuggets bro, as always :p

    Toke it easy.
  15. i had that rep bar for a while haha.
  16. jus got a QP of nugs that look a lot like that.. my boy calls em lemon headies.. theyre bomb. Indica strain though for sure. Def some powerfull shit though. Wonder wat your nugs are like.

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