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I wish my tolerence was higher.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Vdubstoner, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. I know this sounds crazy to all of you but i wish i had a higher tolerance. It just doesnt seem to go up, no matter how much i smoke. My friends have high tolerences so when they always wanna smoke i kinda feel pressured to smoke the whole blunt with them and then i get sooooo fucked.
  2. its all in your head dude.
    if you think youre getting too high halfway through the blunt just imagine if you had to smoke 3 more blunts after that blunt and youll come back down
  3. Do you know what a tolerance break is?

    Okay, you know how many stoners have to get on them just to have a lower tolerance?

    Listen my sweet, you having a tolerance means you save weed and money at the end. Who gives 3 motherfuckers what tolerance your friends have?! Your friends are all super jealous and deep down are wishing they can get as stoned as you. Now quit the foolishness and enjoy it :cool:
  4. These are the days you will look back on with fondess when your tolerance is sky high and your forced to freebase hashes and oils looking like a heroin junkie jus to get your rocks off
  5. No, you don't. Enjoy it.
    Trust me, everyone else around you, including myself, is jealous.
    If I could get baked out of my mind of 1 blunt, I would be in love.

    (hard to take a t-break, eating problems)
  6. Enjoy it trust me. When i was younger i used to wish i didn't get so high too. Now i can face a blunt and still be cool. I strive to get as high as you do lol. So just enjoy it and its cool if you can't smoke the whole blunt. Its good that you know when to throw in the towel especially if you have stuff to do. Always quit when you need to quit don't smoke because everyone else can keep going. Also one thing that could help is to just take small hits. Also maybe only inhale like half your hit. But if you really want high tolerance start facing like a gram a day.
  7. Agreed. Low tolerance is great. Whats negative about having to smoke less to get just as high or even way higher? Better for your health, and your pocket.

    Toke on :smoke:
  8. There's always that one dude in my circle who gets super fucked all the time. And whenever I look at him, I catch myself looking back at the good ol' days. The days when I wished I could talk more than a herpderp after two tokes...when I wished I could have a conversation with my friends...and when I wished I could have a higher tolerance. Now, I see how naive I was because I'd give anything to go back :(. I'm going on a t-break after my last jay today.
  9. i love my low tolerance man. i can keep an eighth for like a week. the trick is limit the amount of times you smoke a day. i only smoke at night and occasionally i'll wake and bake if i got a good amount of bud left before my paycheck comes. happy toking:smoke:
  10. Eight lasts me a month of everyday vaping :smoke:

    Fuck yeah <3
  11. Don't let your friends make you feel like a low tolerance is a bad thing. It's the complete fucking opposite. I used to smoke with friends a bunch who felt like they needed kill a gram in 10 mins just to get high and I'd be done after a couple bong rips. It made me feel awkward, but I love getting stoned off of 0.1 gs :p
  12. I hate how some people feel that everyone has to smoke as much as possible, or you are insulting everything about that person and pissing on their mothers grave.

    If someone passes on rotation, let the next guy go...

  13. ROFL, same story here bro. I fucking love the MFLB, i get high 2-3 times A DAY and an eighth lasts about 3-4 weeks :D Its funny because a few of my friends always talk down my vape because 2 of them just bought small science bongs. Truth is i have smoked 2-3 bowls out of one of the bongs and gotten just as high off of a single trench. Oh well, Ill save money while they smoke an eighth in a week :smoke:
  14. Quoted for truth. I try and establish a relaxed smoking environment. No gunpoint vibe, where you get put on trial for not milking.

    (Although it is welcome :smoking:)
  15. if you are truly trying to get a higher are doing it all wrong.
    in one day you should at LEAST smoke an 8th.
    or each session 2-3 blunts. thats how it was when i was at my mid tolerance level.
    highest was bout 5-6 blunts whole day.
    also no swag only top shelf medical quality weed.
  16. My old group would not let you pass. It was forbidden.

    I have a low tolerance and they smoked all day every day

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