i wish my life was one big music video

Discussion in 'General' started by stevooo123, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. how dope would that be? no problems, just chillin listing to music, just one big motherfucking great time. shit.... imma hop in a worm hole to a different dimension, straight through your monitor into a music video, no future, no past, like a freeze frame of happiness scraped off your momma's ass. imma hit this blunt, spread my wings, and fly to the moon while im shittin out cans of red bull to little starvin marin in africa. dont wanna snap back to reality, i cant handle gravity, put me in a rocket ship and fly me to outerspace. theres no room in this place for me to do dishes, got to be in those mountains, just trees, no ice. got to get out, so peace out! dont worry im comin back, imma gonna give you a heart attack, with the shit i got for you to see. not time, just dimes, so lets just listen to some rhymes!
  2. thats the goal dood. i want the cars clothes AND hoes!
  3. haha damn. nice rhymes. +rep

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