i wish i would have payed more attention.

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    The other day after i came home from blazin a few blunts, i had a pretty severe case of the munchies so i got shit out to make a milkshake. I put the icecream and some milk in a blender and threw sum other random shit in like poptarts and cookies than blended it. as i drank it something just tasted off, but i figured it was cuz i put weird ingredients in it. a few hours later my stomach was feelin really upset and i felt like shit, i thought maybe eating something would make me feel better so i went into my kitchen and got some cereal. as i poured milk in the bowl i watched as straight chunks came out of the milk container, it smelled so putred that i threw up in the sink. than i realized i just drank about a cup of it in a milkshake....how the the fuck did i not notice that the milk was completely spoiled?

    what things have you guys accidentally done without realizing untill its too late?
  2. Nothing like that, jesus fuck that sounds disgusting.
  3. OMG dude that's the worst lol.
    That's worse than taking a sip of like vodka or rum from a water bottle when you think it's water. I spit out soooo fast lol it's gnarsty
    Once i took a sip of some water, it tasted gross so i asked my friend what's up with his water.
    He looks at me and goes... "dude, that's bong water."
    WHY is bong water in a water bottle?! :eek:
  4. lulz.
  5. One morning after drinking very heavily I thought i had a cup of water next to me when i was laying down. So I kept on drinking on it. Went downstairs and realized I was drinking beer the whole time.
  6. A few things.

    Jerkin off without anything to clean up (Damn.)

    Sleeping in class to wake up as our teacher says "And your homework is page... blah blah blah questions 1-50.." and not being able to do it.
  7. Chunky milk is tasty as fuck.
  8. well im pretty sure this has happened to alot of people, especially drinkers. ever been chillin back drinking some brewsky and smoking the cig that always goes with a beer. well most people end up using the beer cans as ashtrays. well one time i was starting to get fucked up and i took a big as swig and got nothing but fucking cigarrete butts and ashes! thats the grossest shit to ever drink.
  9. Haha, nasty! I once ate some Famous Amos's in the dark and just thought they were really crumbly. I went to get some soda, sat down and turned on the light. It then came to my realization that they weren't crumbs on the cookies. They were ants.

    Disgusting fuckers...
  10. lol when I was like 13 my dad's drunk friend (good friend of mine aswell, he was just my dads age) was talkin with me in my room and was smoking a cigarette and plucked his ashes in my soda :eek:. I didn't notice until I picked it up and was about to take a sip when I smelled cigs so I stopped and saw some ashes on the top. I then proceeded to take the soda, go down to the basement where he was sleeping, and pour it on his bed where he wasn't laying so when he rolled over... :devious:

    I think he believed he pissed the sheets because he never spoke of it LOL.

  11. hahaha thiz happen to my friend all tha time. sumtimes if it was a new beer, and he only accidentally ashed his cig in it once, he would drink it anywayz.

  12. omg dude that is fuckin gnarly :laughing:
  13. the bongwater milkshake was the worst... ;)
  14. holy shit lmao
  15. yeah just the smell of old cigs can almost make me gag. i cant even smokem anymore which i love cuz i didnt even try to quite my body was just like weed only.
  16. i was blazed a fuck and i had dip in my lip and i had a bottle of water sitting on my desk so i went to take a drink of it and, god dammit if i didnt pick up my spit bottle and drink that shit. i was throwing up all over the place

  17. That's happened to me before but with chips.

    I use to live in an older house and we would get those teeny tiny sugar ants, and I always would eat like a whole bag of chips when I got home from school and after I was practically done with the whole bag I noticed those stupid ants ALL over them. I probably ate a lot of them. It freaked me out lol.

    My daddy use to use soda cans as spit cans for his dip, and everyone of my brothers has drank one, and he would keep these cans around for WEEKS... so it was like super gross maybe moldy. He has now bought some spittoons like in the old western saloons.... haha luckily I never drank out of a random can so I avoided that gross encounter.
  18. Haha I don't have any personal experience but this one time at camp in like 6th grade we got my friend to drink piss out of a jug saying it was apple juice. Good times
  19. ever been drunk and just gone balls deep in a girl without throwing on a condom?? its happened to me...not knowing the girl (bad start, right there) and busting a nut only to realize it all felt a little too good. i got the fuck outta there, showered with water on full heat and got to a clinic that week... i was all good, thankfully haha

    doesnt really follow the food line of thought, but damn i wish i had paid more attention
  20. your daddy? thats hilarious

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