I wish I was back in school.

Discussion in 'General' started by Blocko, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. That's where my computer is and I'm feeling a serious need for some battle Field Desert Combat.
  2. Yeah dude my baby is locked up in florida while im here in Switzerland with my laptop
  3. you're going down faster than a whore on nickel tuesday.

  4. fucking blocktasitc!

  5. dude theres a pub named after Montgomery from the battle of Alamein about 100 metres (if that) from my house, the old army barracks were in my village
  6. bitch please. the helicoper is my bitch. It does what I tell it to.

    If I say "fucking kill luke" it doesn't fuck around. before you know it, you've got a stream of hellfires on your ass.

  7. ok, i give up, u win. haha
  8. This thread makes my brain hurt.
  9. im assuming it has something to do with battlefield desert combat. but i dont know. what the fuck. they are talking. about.
  10. RPG's are deadly biotch.
  11. yes

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