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I wish i knew how to make hash...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bobby82, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Soo the 8th i bought is a VERY leafy strain its called GOD's gift anddd yea this is what im left with...also i put pics of my 1g black berry (veeeeery dense) and 1g jack herer skunk that i got from a med shop and both of em have a yummy smell i cant describe it its like a missle toe and cinnamon lol idk but yea wanted to share with u guys cuz you guys are cool here on GC and apprentice tokers

    The potential hash

    Jack herer skunk

  2. That all looks so very dank! God's Gift is supposed to be so insane! You're damn lucky sir
  3. damn i wish i could smoke the pic that shit look fire
  4. save those trimmings man, and keep every stem you get in any bud and add them, untill its 14 or more grams, then refer to one of the many QWISO making threads, its actually very easy to do, and aside from evaporating it takes....5-10 mins to actually prepare.... Those are some nice buds tho hehehe but you do not have enough trim do make much more than .1g's of hash
  5. Oh really? Ahright cool man thanks ha ha i thought i had alot but ill keep saving and then try to make some...and everyone else thankkss =]
  6. how was the God's Gift? I've had a pretty hard time finding that up here in Norcal.
  7. it was some very good dank but honestly i got sick from it alot prob cuz i cant handle it but when it did hit me good....damn lol it was niiccceee
  8. :smoking: gods gift as we speak:hello:
  9. im going to print this picture off and roll a J with it, thats how good it looks!

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