I wish i had friends

Discussion in 'General' started by imoonpigs, May 14, 2011.

  1. title sums it up. its times like tonight where i had a group or even one person to hang with. just thought id throw that out there.
  2. well damn, that was depressing.
    Umm get out there and meet people, i've met soooo many people just from smoking bud with em. And i am/was pretty anti-social
  3. I wish I had friends too.

    The closest person I have to me besides my boyfriend is someone I met on here, and he lives a billion miles away bahaha.

    I'm a loser.
  4. lol yea sorry for the depressed thought. how i get when im sober and my roommate is not here and my one buddy is workin

    but i agree. passed up a oppertity today to meet peeps and some bud. what was i thinking

  5. bold.

    stop complaining on the internet and do something about it. or just complain on the internet and do nothing. idc
  6. No you dont.

    And yet you have never invited me to hang out...

  7. yeah i mean i love chilling alone and sometimes it's boring to hang out with people you don't know but go for it. Think of it as a game somewhat, just go try to hang out with as many people as possible and you'll have friends soon enough. If that makes sense haha
  8. i will be your bff

  9. That's not what anti-social means.

  10. I wasn't aware you wanted to lol
  11. im all good now im drunk. so i will make things better come the next few days change how i act and what not.

    weird topic for the first thread i made.
  12. Sorry i cant drive all the way to Ohio, and with gas prices, not gona happen.
  13. We live in the same town. I probably pass by you every day....
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    Drinking won't always solve the problem. Eventually it might make it worse. You should get out and meet some people. Hang out with people from work. Or if you don't have a job, get one. Friends are pretty easy to come by. now true friends on the other hand.... pretty rare.

    Don't change the way you act, unless you ARE acting. Your supposed to be yourself, or else you will always become friends with the wrong people.

    on a side not.... be glad your not on community control. I'm not allowed to leave the house, except for work. now THAT sucks.... that's why I'm on this damn site all the time =P
  15. dont take the drunk thing the wrong way. by no means do i use turn to it for this. just happens that i have some and no bud. i have a job with some cool people just never have yet... have not been there long.

    and i would look at you like you were crazy if you came here.

  16. sorry my bad, socially awkward.

  17. Lol highly doubtful... don't you live in Katy?

    I live in P-Town!
  18. edit. posted twice
  19. Ok, not RIGHT by you but I drive all the way across houston every day

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