I wish I had been there....

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. Everytime someone bumps an old thread, it just makes me wish I had a computer before January....I know I would have found this site sooner.

    I wish I had been here longer :(
    I feel like such a n00b.
  2. "Registered: Jan 2003
    Posts: 2845"

    Godddddd daaaaamn.
    That sounds like uh.. unhealthy..
  3. well in that case mister crim...

    "Registered: May 2003
    Posts: 813"

    so does that^^^!!! :p
  4. I think that out of all the regular members I have to have the lowest posts/time ratio. Is that something to be proud of?
  5. I think I found one better KraziHare


    Registered: Nov 2001
    Location: Eugene/Portland Oregon
    Posts: 2012

    Except I don't see him around as much as I used to.
  6. Damn that Nubbin, always one step ahead of me...
  7. and newbie rhymes with doobie ;)

    we're 2 for 2, looks like operation weed smoking is go!

    (yea i dont know what im talking about nOW GET OFF MY BACK!!)

  8. Well, let's see. I finally got a computer for the first time in MY ENTIRE LIFE January of this year. I think that if you didn't have a computer until you were 19 you would have been internet-gung ho too. Actually, I have slowed down on posting A LOT.

    Why, thank you sweetie :D

    Hot damn!

    Now if only I had any.....

  9. let's play a game :D point out the most obssessive compulsive type poster you can find..!
    c'mon it'll be fun.. ::glances at obliviot:: well ok, point out the second most obssessive compulsive poster...!
  10. Hempress I love you just the way you are... Don't let them tease you..
  11. Thanks BH...nice avatar, by the way :D

  12. Thank you as well!!!

  13. Registered: Jan 2003
    Posts: 2323

    whats your point... im not far behind her...... this place becomes addicting.... :)

    i just see it as more to contribute.....

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