I will never drink hard liquor again.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by suburbantoker, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. That is a fact. ,, beer is where its at fuck liquor
  2. Why, what happened?
  3. what happened? lol
  4. Lil guy cant handle hard liquour??:wave:
  5. lol, i love me some jack and coke.
  6. I go with whatever fucks me up the fastest.

    Beer is not that.

    Everclear is where it's at.
  7. beer is the best. better drunk than luquor drunk
    and tastes great
  8. Oh me and the old Jack Daniels go way back, the first time I ever got drunk I was like 13 drinking straight Jack, the next morning I had to play baseball at like 9 in the morning, was fucked up, I still was a little intoxicated at baseball, I did pretty good though it was good fun, after the projectile vomiting of pancakes, that is.
  9. I concur. I'm sure i'll have hard lic again at some point, but brew is just so much better man. In fact, I think I might go have some cold ones tonight!

  10. The truth
  11. YUUUUP, 1 40 OZ OF OLD ENGLISH HG800 8% N IM PERVED... COUPLE TOKES N IM...:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  12. It all depends on what you're drinking. Give me a Blue Moon over Mr. Boston's Vodka anytime, but Ill take shots of Captain Morgan's Special Stock all day over shit like Bud Light, Coors Light, Natty Ice all that disgusting water beer.

  13. i'm gonna assume this was posted the morning after...i've said "fuck liquor" to myself many times. but does it ever last? not so much
  14. I can drink Crown Royal like it's water. But I usually only drink good liquor, if not I have some brews.
  15. The truth:D
  16. Ya you have no idea how many times I have woke up hung over and said to myself that I'm not drinking liquor anymore.
  17. weed>liquor>canadian beer (not molson canadian, thats fucking moose piss)

    my fav liquor is captain morgans, then JD then Absolut

    my fav beer is Carsling hands down, might be a cheapy, but it goes down nice and smoooooothe
  18. I loooove me some hard alcohol. Getting fucked up super quick is where it's at.
  19. Dude! Blue Moon! :hello: That's my fave, man!

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