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I will coach no more, forever.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. As he walked out into the soft light of a midwinter afternoon, he had a spring in his step, but an ache in his heart.

    It was over.

    Another milestone that you kind of look for, even know full well that it's looming just ahead. And yet when one gets to it, it still kinda catches one off guard.

    It was a good morning. He had felt good for the first time in a week. (When the hell did they start giving steroids for the flu? Damn cure is worse than the disease!)

    The team had looked ready to play. But the first half did'nt go well. Down 6-0. Only got one good shot off the whole half.
    It was time. He needed to get 9, 10, or 11, year old female minds back onto basketball.

    "Alright, girls. Do you have something you would rather be doing right now? There is'nt much reason to hang around here if you guys are gonna make it easy for them to beat you.

    "Have you guy's learned anything about basketball this year?"

    Heads nodded.

    "Have you had fun?"

    Heads nodded again.

    "Will you do something for me?"

    Once again, nodding heads.

    "This second half, go out and show me what you've learned this year. AND HAVE FUN DOING IT!"

    His daughter walked by him and looked at him. There she was. The main reason he was coaching. Even though he had 11 other "daughters" on the team, the time he had got to spend with his own daughter would ride with him 'til he left this world.

    "Hey #23! This is it. You got your first ever basket last week. This is your last chance for another one.........or two. You get a good look at the hoop, you make it count!"

    A smile from her was the only answer he got.

    It always gave him a rush when they responded.He smiled to himself recalling how the full court pressure got his team right back in it.

    The smile grew warmer remembering how #23 got mowed to ground by a shove in the back, (C"MON REF! YOUR MISSING A GOOD GAME!) but sprang back up tracked down a long rebound and knocked it down to put the team up 8-6 in 12-6 victory against the league's last undefeated team.

    Not mention #23 taking a swing at the same defender who kept shoving her in the back. He truely could'nt believe what he just saw! He'd barked her over to the sideline and took her out of the game. While his mouth was telling her that "no matter what happens on the court, you don't EVER DO THAT AGAIN!"His mind was thinking, "Damn! She reminds me of me!"

    So as he walked out into the sunlight, he was wondering how much it was gonna cost him to feed them all pizza. He'd been so proud of all of them, he just could'nt let them all go home.

    Later, setting at a long table, with an impatient waitress getting exasperated at the unholy mess that was in the middle of her restaurant, he felt a little bit of a yank on the heartstrings. He'd coached some of these girls since the third grade. Now they were all off to Mid High.

    Coach Dad's last game.

    You walk away with a hat-full of memories, courtesy of these kids.

  2. Hey smokie it is hard to turn loose of something you love doing so much. I know when I helped caosch youngest boys Basketball team last year, I loved it.

    Hell I got thrown out of the game twice for yelling at the referree to do his job and watch the other team kids when they would push or shove our team.

    Anyway, keep your chin up.. You may get to coach Mid school!
  3. ya just broke my heart pokie-okie,

    i didnt know you had it in ya ;). its takes a pretty awesome dad to handle all those kids, games and parents.

    ya touched those kids lives. an dont worry somday,sometime 10 years from now youll be stoned maaybe a beer or two and run into one of those gals at a gasstation, an she say 'hey coach okie,remember me, we luved ya"................
    an youll be all emotional,smile and shed a tear in yer truck before ya go on yer way. :)

  4. when you were proud of your daughter for taking a swing. I was known as the dirtiest player throughout high school. i was king of the sneaky elbow to the nose, or the 'ole foot behind their legs and forearm to the adam's apple :).

    I coach my brothers 10 year old team, and last year my shy mild mannered little bro laid a kid out who had been hanging on his arms the whole game. I was so giddy that I got a technical.

    Oh well, good times. These are moments your kids will cherish. I hope that I can replace my father in these respects
    Hats off for putting your kids first.

  5. :.)

    awwwww. no more stories!

    I'm gonna miss yer coachin stories coach okie.

    this is an end of an era!

    it feels like we need a celebration to mark it's end.

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