I will be home alone for 3 days..what to do?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420Johnny, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Hi guys...this is actually my first thread and i've been on GC over a year...crazy i know....:cool:
    OK,so my parents are leaving January 3rd and will be on vacation until January 6.
    I already visited my dealer and got a nice 10g sack....half of it is gone and im here with 5g which i saved for tomorrow since it's New Year's eve..but i also stashed like 5 g for that home alone time :smoking:
    So what are some funny stuff to do when you are all alone?
    I mean i smoke in my room when my parents are home and get away with it...they never suspected a thing...but i'm was always stuck to my room because i'm high as balls and don't want to go around parents too much.
    I'm 19 by the way...sorry for my bad english
  2. Rent a moonbounce and an escort

  3. Lol . . .

    Get extra bouncy up in there haha

    Have her ride u while u lay back on it lolz
  4. That sounds amazing. Lol.
  5. Go sit in the tub , make yourself a pizza , get a floatable ashtray. Light your joint / blunt . Masturbate while smoking and eat your pizza afterwards. All the while playing Louie Armstrong - What a wonderful world. Trust me , it's heaven.
  6. That sounds pretty close to heaven man....
  7. Walk around the house butt ass naked I do it all the time when I'm home alone and watch the movie homealone
  8. order pizza. Get completly naked (leave socks on). Put on the ps3. Have ur bong out and the weed broken up.

    And smoke and chill.

    Play some loud music for bonus points.

  9. Do this^^^ with a chick

  10. even better. Extra Extra bonus points.

  11. I think leaving the socks on makes it better imo lmao
  12. Holy shit.

  13. ^ this.

    have a small party with friends. no more than 20 people

  14. am i the only one whos going to suggest throwing a wild azz party?
  15. Parties usually result in expensive items of parents being destroyed
  16. Like an in ground swimming pool. Ask me how i know;)

  17. no if your smart about it. take everything nice/expensive, and lock it up. just be smart about it and keep a handle on it.
    have lik5 of your BEST MOST MATURE friends there to help keep it under control.

    hahahah how do you know?
  18. Thiss.. can't beat this!

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