I went to see The Final Destination high.

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    I was terrified, but it was worth it, because it was scary but fun.
    If you saw it high, what did you think, and would you recommend seeing it high?
    If you didn't, you should.

    I laughed at every scene except when Lori was on the escalator, that scared me.

    Yeah, the movies are stupid, but I like the violence and death...it's kinda funny to me, like the ways they kill people. The way George died was funny, and the redneck dying was funny.
  2. The movie was horrible, overall.

    3-D was not bad; a little lame sometimes.

    I was baked though, so it was all good.

    Glad you enjoyed, OP.
  3. Me and my bf went
    and that's the worst movie we've ever ever ever ever seen.
    We want our money back.
  4. I saw that movie high. I thought it was fuckin great. The only reason i went was to see lots of people get fucked up. Thats exactly what i got, senseless violence, in 3-D.

    I wasn't expecting a goddamn oscar winning movie. I knew the plot was going to be terrible, they always are.
  5. There are so many bad movies out rite now. Of any, i would highly suggest seeing 9, even if it is really short. I saw it sober and it was still pretty intense

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