I went bald for shits and giggles ⤵️

Discussion in 'General' started by bobandy02, Nov 4, 2014.

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  2. bob / andy you kinda look like a bald chick  :confused_2:
  3. Maybe cuz she is a chick.
  4. Correct 👯

  5. You are very gorgeous!
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    Better pic of dis head

  7. It really suits you, I think it's gorgeous ❤️

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  8. Full-head pic please.....like all ur head and face. Need to get the full effect
  9. I agree with this person

    We need the whole enchilada
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  11. Let us see the before pictures  :D
  12. Tits or gtfo

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  13. 10/10 would do.
    Can I say that? I don't mean to come off as a sexual predator or anything. That's a job best left for the Old School Smoker. ;)
  14. You're so lucky you can pull off that look. That would have really sucked if you can't. 😁
  15. Looks good. Any before pictures though?

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    I've gone blonde, brown, short, long and bald

  17. Bald is definitely liberating, I suggest it to any easy going stoner who likes their free time

  18. Photo Nov 03, 23 58 05.jpg
    do you use soap or shampoo?

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