i went and saw pineapple express today...

Discussion in 'Movies' started by ytfghmjb, Sep 1, 2008.

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    and i was extremely dissapointed .
    maybe you guys thought it was hilarious high, but i couldnt stomach it at all.
  2. dude.... seriously?
  3. yeah seriously man . i left after like 45 mins when they were in the dudes house fighting each other for the phone
  4. No no no.... I mean are you seriously just now posting about seeing pineapple express? We have already talked about it and swept it under the carpet.
  5. hey goon chill. some people like to wait to see movies, although i did see the midnight showing, it is sometimes nice to wait till it empties out.

    and to the dude that didnt like it, you missed some good parts in the second half.
  6. Im baked man I couldn't get any chiller :smoking: I just think that it is kinda late to be posting movie reviews, especially ones with no backing.
  7. Lol its cool man, just watchin out for fellow GC users.
  8. The best part of that movie is like the first couple of minutes. The "Item Nine" scene.

    It was awesome.

    "Well sir, I uh... I feel like a... slice of butter... melting over a big ol' pile of... FLAPJACKS! ......Yeah! *Takes puff*

    Then with the dude with the sea suit walks in to re-light his spliff. "HOLY BEJESUS! :eek:"

    Oh and then when he gets all serious, "This is... GREAT! This is the bees knees, ITEM NINE! *Looks intently at the joint, and licks lips*"

  9. I agree with everything you said sir. The beginning was the best part.
  10. haha the beginning was OKAY, but i just expected more from the movie .
  11. I thought it was really weak too. Most of the "joke" was watching people smoke weed. I do that everyday, it's not funny. I think it's a case of the emperor's new clothes since it's a movie about weed people are afraid to say it sucks. But it sucks.
  12. It was weak, no lie.
  13. Definitely weak, funny, but weak compared to the hype it received.
  14. i def smoked 2 jays b4 and don't remember the entire movie
  15. I'm downloading it now!
  16. hah thats the way to get movies my friend
  17. Yeah I was definitely dissapointed too. It was really too stereotypical with the whole stoner look and with all of the fake coughing and shit. They overdid it i think. The beginning was the best part. Hahaha I did laugh my ass off when the guy in the seaman suit walked in the room
  18. I found the movie offensive as a pro weed stoner!! I wish there were more movies that showed the good sides of weed, I thought the characters in the movie seemed like a bunch of retards and the jokes were a bit ridicolous altho I was laughing my ass off in the beginning. my sativa high might of had something to do with that
  19. I thought it was funny. i didn't smoke before it, which i was dissapointed about. But i thought it was funny....people may have not liked it cause it wasnt as "pot-focused" as movies like half-baked, and grandma's boy (2 of my other favorite stoner movies)

    but whatever....i liked it. that's all that matters ^_~
  20. damn son, you just saw that movie thats crazy. i got BLASTED before that movie, hit my homies 2 foot roor with some headies and keif and the rest of the night is a blur. :hello:

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