I Washed My Rolling Papers

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  1. Hey I left my rolling papers in my shorts, and I did laundry, they're dry now, and I licked the gum and it sticked, would it be safe to roll a joint?

  2. just go buy new papers! dont be a cheap ass lol
  3. dude i dont have any money!
  4. If they dont smell like detergent I think itd be aaalright...i dont advise it tho
    seriously...$2!   that's pretty sad if you dont have 2 damn dollars to your name
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    You'll be fine if you smoked the rollies - the amount of chemicals left on the rollies must be very minimal as it a really thin and small surface and you'd easily notice if there were any concentrations.
    Enjoy the newly-flavoured rollies you got!~
  7. I dunno man.....would you smoke washed weed? I think some of the chemical taste may be in the paper now......I prolly wouldnt but who knows...it may be ok...I would not do it though if it were me. 
    damn i have smoked washed weed.  the bag was still sealed and the weed was dry, clothes smelled like nug bad though
  9. So I just rolled up a couple joints with them, because the gumming was still shiney, so i figured it was fine.
  10. You will be fine but can you seirously not afford papers, literally they are .99$ if you buy the cheap ones.
  11. hahaha bro papers are practically a dollar for like 20-25 of them. why would you use them if they have laundry detergent all over them

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