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Discussion in 'General' started by regret, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. has any one ever thought about how crazy boats are!

    i mean they float on water. only boats and jesus can float on water..

    just something to ponder about..

    happy blazing!!
  2. you stonner
  3. You forgot about ducks. And dead hobos.
  4. ducks an hobos the case maybe

    but can diseased homeless people move as swift as jesus or a boat?

    i think not watson
  5. ^^ hahahahahaha

    oo god im stoned :smoking:
  6. boats are sick as hell
  7. Yeah! boats scare the shit outta me, I dunno why...like to the point where you would have to literally pick me up to get me into one..But it all depends on the size of the boat.. Im not afraid to get on a cruiseliner....:D But you sure as hell wont see me in a freakin' canoe.
  8. Really? I mean, I give boats a hard time everynow and then, but its all in fun. Kayaking is fun as fuck!
  9. i love canoeing me and my buddy split a 20 pack of beer and go canoeing down the river , but usually he'll take like 12 soma's and get retarded and then i have to row back but its cool dont flip alot either dont know why cause we can barely walk but balancing a canoe must be easy cause if it wasnt we would probably be dead by now
  10. did you ever think about birds, their madd weird.
  11. yeah...I think that I drowned in a past life or something.
  12. I would rather canoe.
  13. Oh the joys of bouyancy.
  14. wood floats
  15. Mitch Hedberg: "Look at the limes in this goddamn drink! This fuckin thing is tropical.. look at the limes, how they float!.. That's good news, next time I'm on a boat and it capsizes, I will reach for a lime. I'll have a lime in my pocket, and just floatin, people be like what the fuck? And I will pull out a lime... Im saved by the buoyancy of citrus!"

    Fuck boats.. Limes is where it is.
  16. :hello::hello::hello:
  17. [​IMG]
    Lol its wierd how they float.
  18. Rofl. Did anyone realize humans can float on water to? we can lay on our backs...
  19. NO WAY! The other day I was chillin after I got done smoking, looking out the window and I said the same thing to myself! Birds ARE weird!

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