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  1. What would I use to get resin out of my chillum its glass i dont want to put like metal in there thats how my spoon broke.
  2. i soak my bowl in saltwater and use toothpicks for buildup, never failed me
  3. do you plan on smoking the resin? i usually twist the end of a paperclip into a spirally-thing with needlenose pliers, making sure theres no sharp pieces sticking out. heat the bowl a little to loosen up the resin and scrape away. If you don't plan on smoking it get some high proof isopropyl alcohol(90% or better) and some coarse kosher salt. Run some hot water through it for a minute or two, plug one end, pour a little alcohol in, add salt, plug the other end and shake it for a while. The salt acts as a mild abrasive to scrape the resin off, but its not hard enough to scratch the glass. Good luck.
  4. yeah i put all my resin in baby food jars ahah and save em i got a few jars...but i just got this chillum a few months back and its packed with resin like i cant even blow outta it lmao
  5. Rubbing Alcohol and Kosher Salt, soak the pipe in it for a short time, should come right out
  6. I've also heard of people soaking their piece in alcohol, and then letting it evaporate and scraping the resin up from the container it was in.
  7. This.
  8. use the search function for cleaing a piece theres a whole thread
  9. jayro2 i was specificly asking what to use to scrape resin out of a glass chillum lol...i didnt see any other threads about that i seen coz i dont wanna scrath or crack my glass but i wanna keep the resin and get it out
  10. your question was how do i get resin out of my chillum...
  11. ohk?...........
  12. this works for sure....oven cleaner....u better rinse the shit outta it afterwards tho and clean it with alcohol and shit really good until u cant smell it anymore, and more after that....soak it in hot water too (boiling hot) to kill that shit....its poisonous itl kill your ass.....idk maybe thats a lil much but fuck it be safe
  13. I used to have a little one hitter/chillum/crackpipe type piece a while back and what i would do is get a screw driver with a small flat head then i would put it in and just twist the one hitter and screwdriver so it scraped the rez off from the inside then id pull it out and roll what was on there into a ball and then id repeat the process until i had a decent rez ball.

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