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  1. I can bring bud brownies on a plane. Like would they check whats inside the brownies when they search my bag?
  2. i was wondering the same thing. i was thinkin bout makin some chocolate weed to take on a plane. think they could tell it has weed if it looks like a Hersheys bar?
  3. Bad idea. They probably won't check them specifically, but if a dog walks by you while you're there (and drug dogs are at airports all the time) you are one hundred percent fucked. Plus you could get a smuggling charge on top of posession. I'd eat them right before you got to the airport and then rhoto the shit out of your eyes. If you just have to get them their, I think you'll have to roadtrip it.
  4. Theres a lot of threads about bringing any kinds of bud onto a plane, edibles or not, search for them.
    Drug dogs can smell the bud if you run into one.

    IMO, don't fuck with it. If you get caught, your ruined. game over.

    Just find a connect when you arrive to your destination, or get ripped before you get to the airport, and enjoy your high on your plane without any illegal substances.
  5. most likely no. if they're packed in your suitcase then maybe, but im pretty sure they dont allow food or drinks through customs...that might just be drinks though
  6. never seen any dogs in airports ive been to....and i fly alot!

    how bout thc drops/strips? think i could get those by?

  7. just drinks
    ive walked on a plane w some subway i got on the way to the airport
  8. Just eat them when you get to the airport or a little before you go on the plane if you wanna be on the safe side and enjoy the ride, most of the time there isnt dogs but in some there are so its really up to you if ya wanna be careful or not. :)
  9. Ive never seen a dog at an airport. I know they have them but most interstate flights are not interested in sniffing every person with a drug dog. It just doesn't happen on a large scale.

    What you need to fear are those nude body scanners. They can see if you're hiding some shit in your clothes, MAYBE. I hear they use a shittier version then some of the scans ive seen. You can deny consent to these machine scans in favor of a physical search.

    In other countries they have machines that can actually detect minute amounts of drugs on a human. In Dubai a man was arrested for having a .003 flake of cannabis on his shoe. Smaller then a grain of sand and he got fucked with 4 years. Another man at the Dubai airport got fucked for having poppy seeds that fell off a bagel he ate at another airport.

    Just cook up some cookies and bring em to the airport. They're not gonna search of chemical test the cookies. But I cant guarantee that.
  10. It depends, I brought an 8th of shrooms with me to hawaii. But I chopped them up and put them in a trail mix bag.
    If you do decide to do it dont bring all weed brownies, mix them with some real ones, or if they have a sweets shop buy a brownie, enjoy it and use to wrapper to bring your weed brownies. If you feel spooked tho bail on them(the brownies) I've never seen dogs, but I guess it depends on the airport, CHX doesnt give a shit, but its not as smart of an idea to bring them on internAtional flights. But hey give it a shot.*

    *Neither me or any of my affiliates are responsible for the content of this post, The views and opnions expressed in this post are soley those of this monster dank that I am currently under the influence of.
  11. If you decide to eat the edibles at the airport or right before, make sure you work out everything you have to do at the airport beforehand. Being stoned and having to make sure you signed in and checked everything in and so on is a major buzzkill high. Also make sure you have your passport and tickets and all that shit ready in an easily accessible place.
  12. If I were you just to be safe, down your brownies as you are getting dropped off at the airport so you won't get caught and they will probably kick in when you get to your gate
  13. weed brownies take an hour to kick in on an empty stomach for me
    longer if ive eaten before
    so just eat, have a brownie or two for desert and walk into the airport
  14. ive eaten ganja treats on planes before and its not a problem. Just smile and ask them for some water because u got da MUCHEEZ

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