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I was wondering can you ever stop being able to get high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sir Tokes Alot, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Is it possible to have such a tolerance that not matter how much you smoke you just can't get high anymore?
  2. ive thought about this and it scares the hell outta me, but i dont think so. Come to think of it, i would still enjoy smokin mary j if it didnt get me blazed, its just that good:smoke:
  3. Been smoking the most potent pot around for about twenty years straight. Only took a few year chain gang break here and there. Still get plenty stoned. Smoke about 10-14 grams a day but I,m retired and My wife and I stay pretty baked all the time. IMO Much Love.
  4. 20 years damn thats a long time blazing and I guess that answers my questrion thanks.
  5. 10-14 grams a day o_O holy shit dude, either thats a big lie, or its just as fucking amazing as i think it is
  6. odds are that if he's retired, he A) grows, or B) buys in BULK
  7. i rip my 2 footer all day and i feel like i cant get high any more. tolerance break starts today.
  8. Doesn't seem plausible to me.

    Eddy Lepp used to smoke a half ounce a day on average, and I'm sure he was still getting high every day.
  9. Seeing how your brain naturally tirates the THC dose by limiting the amount of cannabinoid receptors available for bonding, it is technically possible that your brain would simply not allow any THC to bond to it anymore.

    The amount you would need to consume to reach this stage would be astronomical though.
  10. here is the easiest answer.

    "Only in hell"
  11. I'm sure you can get to the point where you are not high very long, and it is not intense as it would if you did not have a tolerance. I'm sure that is as far as it goes.​
  12. yo alright all ears this way, pops has been blazing for 44 years straight! (except on surgery days:))

    WEED dosent do shit to you. Fuck the government man they dont know what theyre saying.
  13. No, my friend has been smoking for 38 years, and he still gets high. He just has to smoke about 8 joints a day to stay nice and toasty.
  14. right on gramps! your my role model...
  15. It's called a tolerance break. If you smoke for years, take like a one month tolerance break, and you'll be good for awhile.
  16. I Really Hope Not and Dont Think this is possible at all
  17. That would suck but I think you can still get high even with an insane tolerance
  18. You can still get high but after a long time of heavy usage the effects will fade drastically. You won't appreciate it as much and will stop having as much fun as you used too. A lot of people refer to "T-Breaks" as a way to counter this. T-Break = tolerance break and you simply stop smoking for a period of time so you can enjoy mary jane for what she is again.
  19. i usually toke on weekends like every night and by the end of the sunday night i start to feel more just light headed and dizzy rather than like the stoned body euphoric feeling that i get at the beginning of the weekend. like this weekend. friday night i threw up and then smoked and was giggling my ass off. next day no one was home so i could toke freely and i didn't get as happy as i did the night before so yea tolerance can go up. for me it goes up pretty quickly and decreases rapidly as well, but i highly doubt theres a point to where the THC just stops working
  20. ive been smoking 3-5 times a day, about 3g a day, every day for 3 years (with acouple 3 day breaks) and i can still get really high.

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