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i was wondering about this new strain of weed i got

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by smokin&tokin420, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I just got a new kind of strain of weed today from my dealer and he says its called "Sweet tooth". Im new to smoking so I don't know too much about strains, so if you know anything about this strain can you tell me some info on it (whether its a good strain, gives good highs, etc).
  2. never heard of it, smoke it and base how good it is based off looks taste n high...90% of the time strain names are bs
  3. that shit is so sexy buy it, i wouldve bought it on the spot
  4. It's an Indica dominant strain known for heavy resin production and a sweet taste.
  5. wwhat is a strain? I always here peopl atlking about them obn here
  6. A breed of any species of plant is called a strain. A strain of marijuana is just a cultivar of cannabis.
  7. well it feels denser than normal weed and the crystals are more visible than other strains of weed ive had. it also pretty good. it was also alot more expensive to buy

  8. hahaha pretty sure he was joking.
  9. you never know man they could be dead ass serious. i wouldnt be surprised after seeing some of the questions posted in apprentice
  10. he didn't sound like he was joking. and yea, this is "apprentice" so i wouldn't be surprised if he didn't know. although. i did hear about this one guy who was a veteran smoker and he just never got into the different strains so he didn't know the difference. he just smoked what ever he could get his hands on.
  11. plus alot of people call strains = strands

  12. True.
    I just assumed that since his name was '420 High Times' he had actually read the magazine before and was familiar with strains and marijuana terms.
  13. i didnt even think of that haha
  14. just looked at his profile and he talks about the different strains names, so i think he just doesn't know what the word "strain" means. he probably just thinks of them as "names" instead of "strains"

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