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  1. xanax(half a pill), codeine/promethazine (couple tablespoons), and two bt's of some danks. safe to take all together, xanax is perscribed, the codeine is my moms. (ha). but yea so like all of these substances good together. lemme know. thanks. :smoking:
  2. yea its cool
  3. If you know your body well.It should be alright.I have taken 4 mg's Xanax and 40 mg's Hydrocodone before and that's alittle stronger than Codeine.Though I know what my body can handle and if you also do you should be okay like I said.

    Mixing Opiate's with Benzo's can be fatal so be carefull.
  4. just don't let your parents catch you or you'll be grounded for a month, mister!
  5. You're straight. Don't over do it on the codeine and prometh, you'll end up sleeping.

  6. haha lol
  7. Taking half a xanax pill with some codeine won't kill you dude. I know quite a few people who can eat a good number of benzos with roxies and have no problem what so ever.

    Not saying go out and do it, but if you start small and learn your limits there is nothing wrong with it.
  8. sweet, thanks for all the great answers. i wasnt sure on how it would effect me. thanks everyone.
  9. haha! also he risks; getting sent to bed without supper; having to clean out the attic; and......... no spongebob before bedtime.

  10. I think you may have misread my comment.I said pretty much EXACTLY what you just did.

    Oh and it CAN indeed kill you.
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    I doubt half a xanax bar (between 0.125mg and 1mg) with whatever codeine you would usually take would kill you.

    Of course benzos and opiates can be fatal, thats why I said "start small and learn your limits.", not "go eat a handful of benzos.", ok?
  12. maybe i misread, but im pretty sure he is agreeing with you kein and he never said half a bar and codeine would kill you?:confused:
    either way

    @OP Your good.

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