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  1. I harvested over a month ago, and i keep whats left of it in jars, im guessing that its healed by now, smokes pretty good, but still doesn't smell the way it should. Its a white widdow with fatty buds very dank, only smells ok when u rub ur fingers in it, otherwise still a little like grass... Anyway my main question is this: how do i know if its cured, and do i still need to keep it in a dark place? when the bud is dry does light still hurt it? Not a serious question just a thought and im curious , e-z
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    curing is a process where you open the jar once a day for 15-20 minutes first few weeks to air it out. i dont know if you did this or followed the proper drying procedures
  3. forget the curing, i opened the jar whenever i needed a bud, which is 1 bud almost every day , jar was open for about 3-4min. My real question is Do the dried buds still need to be kept away from light?
  4. Yes, keep them in a cool,dry, and dark place. I've noticed that after about 30 days you'll get that smell you want if proper curing was done.

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