I was thinking about a bamboo bong? Any Help

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  1. I already have a glass bong and i wanted a new one, i was thinking about buying a bamboo 2 footer any help? Do they rip good? :smoking:
  2. i dunno but that sounds pretty sick
  3. i dunno about bongs, but i have a bamboo flute, i just plugged the hole and screwed a bowl in it.. hits nice and kinda smooth.. might try puttin it in the fridge to cooll it down. im sure it would be a sweet bong, esp if you smoked nothin but dank.. it would taste real good
  4. Alright sounds good. thanks man.:smoking:
  5. never used one but they sound nice
  6. i have made a few they are pretty nice but never leave water in them for long it can get really bad really fast if you do
  7. i made a bamboo steam roller and made the bowl like so...i took a .300 winchester magnum bullet shell casing, sawed off the back so it was open all the way through then i wedged the bullet into a hole in the bamboo and i would just smoke Js and Blunts from it by sticking them into the bullet, ripped so well and so hard. always gets me to that next level, her name is panda express.
  8. seems easy. grow your own bamboo in like 2 weeks. and fashion yurself some nice bongs. if you grow them yourself youll have alot of room for error. try experimenting? i bet you could get some pretty cool results

  9. creative but i hope you and anyone else that does or tries this uses a new casing, not a previously fired round. That gunpowder residue can not be good for you. Nice ingenuity though.
  10. A bamboo bong sounds awesome, you should post pics if you get it. I want one now haha

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