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I was stoned and thought of this film plot =]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Eelarch, May 15, 2010.

  1. Okay so the basic plot is there is this dude who works in a government facility where they are investigating weed and like the genetic side of it( maybe seeing if they can genetically modify it to make oil etc).
    Now his buddy is like a stoner dude and every once i na while they like to go and smoke a bowl together ( not much point in study weed if you cant smoke it right) so his buddy that works at the government place steals a bit now and then.
    However this time his buddy steals some weed that is halfway through the genetic modifying process and so (uhnknown to him) has had like genetic chemicals sprayed on it :eek:

    So... They smoke the weed then after a couple of days he notices that his skin is going a bit green and sticky. ,WTF!!! , eventually he turns into a kind of human/weed hybrid.

    Now the government have no idea what to do! since weed is illegal they msut destroy it, however, he is still human! They have a big meeting about what to do , that involves all the heads of the antions obv because this weed has been sold to a couple of other people who are now weed/human, and it comes to the conclusion that since they are human aswell they MUST make weed legal to avoid killing these innocent people.

    The ending is people in laod sof different countries smoking o nthe countries landmarks ( Britain- Big ben US- the white house, the president rock wit the faces France- the eiffle tower etc)

    This is crazy LOl! what do you guys think ? :p :smoking::smoking::D
  2. lol nice dude. I got super faded and fell asleep and dreamed a sick movie one time
  3. Sounds like some crazy dreams ive had before, i use to always smoke like so much and then just pass out and dream the strangest shit. waste of weed kinda.
  4. lol thats fucking horrible :hello:

    i mean that in the nicest way
    happy toking man:smoking:
  5. Lol my imagination runs wild like that a lot of the time when I'm high, mostly on the way back home on the train because it gives you time to think while staring out the window :smoking:
  6. Honestly...that was pretty stupid...
  7. Doesnt really sound that interesting.. A bunch of government big wigs sitting around a table forced to legalize MJ?? Naa.

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