I was soo toasted

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  1. This one night at a party i was passed this bubbler, I thought it was a nice hit so i asked if i could pack a bowl with my shit, They said no problem man go at it. My not to experianced friend best friend asked if i would let him pack one. I said what the hell and pass it on. I turned my back for one second and he spelt that black fuckin bong water all over his lap! I've never laughed so hard in my life! My girl was rolling all over the floor at the stupidity of my boy, I had a collapsed lung, and he looked like he fuckin pissed his pants!
    I love a good laugh!
  2. LOL! That's some pretty funny shit! Some one I knew went to take their first hit of a pipe and blew the buds out of the pipe and into the dirt.
  3. Just digging.
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    Dude WTF is your problem..... digging doesn't get you anywhere..... Just post a new thread ffs..... Smh at your posts that I've seeb
  5. hahah those times when you feel like youre about to DIE from laughing..damn..hahah :D

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