I was sold a fake roor.

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  1. It's a well known local headshop, do i just suck it up and just keep moving on or go back to the shop and try and argue a somewhat mute point?

  2. I mean you bought it...there's thousands of fake roors lol :rolleyes:
  3. Well they'll probably tell you you bought it as is, or all sales are final, or something along the lines of that, but if you haven't smoked out of it it's worth a shot.

    Or be an asshole and sell it to some 16 year old kid for more than you paid...

    Either one :)

  4. That wasn't an answer, what was the purpose of your post?

  5. I was thinking of using it as a black mail Esq type situation while purchasing my oil dome.
  6. They'll most likely tell you sales are final...ect. I'd go in and ask, atleast inform them.
  7. its always great to try and use crime to confront criminals
  8. sell it what they dont know wont hurt...:cool:
  9. pretty much the same idea as all sales are final
  10. All sales are not final, regardless of what the other people here are saying. Selling counterfeit products is illegal, regardless of what the object is. As long as you haven't used it yet, tell them you want your money back, if they refuse, tell them you'll make it a legal thing for them. They'll back down to that.
  11. what legal action are you going to take exactly?

    i guess you could stand out front and tell everyone that comes by that they're selling fake roors
  12. what shop did you buy it from? I see your in ventura, so i would guess wildside or dementia. Send me a pm if you could if u don't want to say it on the forum and it would be greatly appreciated
  13. You don't necessarily have to take any action, the point is, they will have to refund the money.

  14. if the shop clearly has a no refunds sign they don't need to refund the money. and being a business, them being threatened by legal actions would know the thousands of dollars it would cost seek council and and file a lawsuit over a few hundred dollar product. it doesn't make any logical sense and people know that.
  15. Or how about this...IF you paid full Roor pricing, then yes get your god damn money back. Don't get screwed because it's a piece. If you paid a discount price that should have made you suspicious, then i dunno. Your call there. Standing up to them lets them know they can't just screw you and get away with it. If a seedbank sold me bad seeds and refused to do anything about it, I would consider my options especially if it was beyond a doubt not my fault or some fluke (seeds are seeds after all and not all will germ in nature). I also am reluctant to return things and don't like being confrontational, but this isn't some $10 pipe they said would color change and didn't. It's big money. Perfect example, I just bought a SSV from Ebay. Wasn't marked as a "second", but had a "second" price. Look it over when I get it, I see a tiny defect. I bought it with the understanding that it could have some defect because it was too cheap for new to be otherwise. Left positive feedback and have nothing but good to say about it and the seller. I just used common sense I guess. Point being, do what feels right. I am sure you will make the right decision.
  16. just order online and wait

    and enjoy real one for life
  17. So basically what you're saying, is If you're getting fucked, just lay there and take it?

    A simple sign that says, "no refunds," does not grant them immunity from the law. They will still have to. Standing up to people ain't that hard.
  18. Yeah man, come back in and be polite and co-operative
    and try working out a deal to get a refund or maybe even
    a discount for something else in the store and inform them
    they are fake (if they don't know already). It's worth a shot.

    Don't bother going hostile or threating to open a lawsuit. Coming
    from a business owner, we laugh at all of those clients who rabble
    on about that, haha. :smoke:
  19. ^^^^^ definitely this. if you go in there with an attitude, you're gonna get no where

  20. This is very good advice. If you come off threatening it's just in our nature to protect ourselves or be defensive back

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