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I was smoking with this girl and she said the most peculiar thing about me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JJmatix, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. We were both high as fuck, and we were chillin walkin around campus, when i go, "would you like to smoke another bowl?" (she had the weed and was smoking me out), she said, "lets do it" and i was like "woo!" playfully

    after i said that she laughed at me and said something along these lines,
    "you are so good at expressing satisfaction after receiving something you really wanted, thats a good quality to have. you dont see that often in other kids like us"

    after i was like, "haha thanks, i was stoked on that bowl"

    so wtf just happened? what does that even mean
  2. friend zone forevveerrrr
  3. She obviously wants your cock bro.
  4. [quote name='"The 420 Special"']friend zone forevveerrrr[/quote]

    Made my fucking night
  5. i dont want a relationship with this chick, shes a friend
  6. she just said in a more complex way that you show appreciation better than other people.
  7. too bad there aren't many attractive pot smokers around where i live
  8. uhhh i think thats synonymous with offering to give u head....
  9. basically

  10. theres your answer
  11. Or it was a sarcastic comment? Idk...maybe i'm so stoned im understanding it as sarcasm? haha :p
  12. Does that mean ya'll are gunna fuck?
  13. She was just saying you were cool bro. Don't overthink it.
  14. pics or gtfo
  15. So did you bone her yet?
  16. Sounds like she thinks your very "gay" in your expressions. At least that "woo!" sounds kinda gay to me. Oh and by gay I mean happy and colorful in description :D
  17. She wants the cock bro

  18. thats what i thought
  19. make sure you bring a camera, for when you fuck that is.

  20. THIS!... if that's that only thing that leads you to believing she may like you then leave it be.

    We often over look things, or try to make a simple sentence to have meaning - more meaning than what it was meant to have.

    Don't want to ruin a friendship, but let it be. If it's meant to be, something will evolve from it and you will know.


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