I was robbed my bestfriend

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  1. Me and my friend was chillen and we wanted some weed so i was going to buy a ounce but my dealer didnt pick up the phone so he said he knew somebody and he called him right in front of me and wen the person he call got there he told i should just give him the money so he could go get it cause i didnt know the guy so i gave him a 150 and he went outside and then all of a sudden i heard a car door shut so i ran to the door and saw them driveing away and then i call him the he didnt answer so i need advice what should i do because he is in a gang but not a real one juss one of those groups of pussy that goin around juumping ppl for no reason so if u have any advice :mad::mad::mad::mad:
  2. Would you have went out of your way to get the money you didn't bring with you if some guy you didn't know fronted you the weed first????
    nope. Unless you have guns + street cred + a death wish.

    Try to keep an eye out for him maybe you can press him one day. Other than that, you're screwed
  3. Bit of a crazy first post slightly ? I was robbed lastnite my best friend? Lol .....

    If this is a true story and he took your cash you want to pay him a visit with a baseball bat and crack it around his head

    Time and time again I'm hearing about herb related robberies

    Love some scum bag to try it on me, he would get twisted up in a bigway, let's put it this way it would be his last time he tryed pulling the stunt again, complete with his fingers anyways :)
  4. Well, if I were you, I'd grab him, make him sit down, and talk the shit out with him.
    I'm not a violent person x)
  5. I really don't see how he could be in the right here, but talk to the guy first. If he starts talking shit after stealing your money, give him the beating of his life. That's all some people need to realize that their life is going in a bad direction. Hell, I think that's what I need.
  6. What the fuck?

    Grab a baseball bat, some big mean looking friends that don't pussy out and forcefully make that bitch give you your money back. You obviously know where he lives.
  7. it is tru but i guess u can trust noone wen it come to money
  8. Consider it a costly lesson in life. Don't do anything, and don't do that type of deal again, karma will handle it for you...
  9. maybe he was mad about the run on sentence

    for real though he's not your best friend if he robbed you lol

  10. Bad luck then bud, don't just leave it as that, scum like this will do it again to other inocent people like yourself, don't trust anyone when money is mentioned, don't even trust anyone anyways, only person you can trust is yourself man..


  11. YEA MAN PEOPLE FUCKIN CHANGE!! I got beat by a kid since i known since 5th grade. We smoked together numerous times. I fronted him $120 for a quarter then calls me back n hour later saying he got pulled over n he ditched it.BULSHIT. Its been a couple weeks n i dont know if i should retaliate or let karma do its magic. If i do retaliate his new camaro is gonna need new:tires,windows,n a new paintjob...i think thts overboard 4 $120 but i dont give a FUCK.
  12. dude.. just send him an angry facebook message.
  13. Get over it... Or make a gang
  14. Seems like a lot of people on GC are getting robbed. Sorry to hear it.
  15. He was obviously not really a friend. You should not talk to this person again unless it's to beat some ass. I know it sucks to lose a friend this way. Although it hasn't happened to me, I know what it feels like to lose a friend for something they did and nothing you did. Just remember they fucked up not you if you want revenge you have every right to in my book. First, just take a step back and see if it's worth it...if so do something about it.
  16. Don't give some guy you don't know $150?
  17. Didn't read the post?

    He gave 150$ to his alleged best friend, who knew the dealer and was gonna run out and get it. Except buddy pulls a dick move and takes off with OP's 150$.

  18. Did you even bother to open your eyes and read the OP?

    He gave the money to his friend, then his friend fucked him over
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    OP does not have best friend. Best buddies don't do that.
  20. Get the Mac 10 ready break his family's door down spray all of them it will teach him a lesson. Haha jk.

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