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i was real stuffed up once

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by d2000, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. i was real stuffed up once and feelin shitty. i smoked weed, cleared up for a few minutes, felt better, and ate a lot of chicken nuggets. i think it helped me out.

    the stuffed up part could be just from the smoke, but it like cleared me up insan-o!
  2. Yeah i felt like that last night! I hadn't eaten all day and my baby was in a real shitty mood! I had a j after he'd gone to bed and i felt really shit! Not like stoned shit tho, just ill and wak! Then i ate a 12" pizza all to myself and felt way better........strange huh?
  3. cool man.
  4. weed, like beer, is an excellent all-around healer.
  5. That happened to me , in the beginning of fall i start to have a real bad nasel infection similar problem but then when i smoked a bowl it all cleared right up i nthe shower :)

    It helps alot for my nasle infections :)
  6. ^ i think the shower might be the cure to that one... the steam is good for clearing up noses and such
  7. eh..lets just say its the weed.

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