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I was pretty happy with myself...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CinnaSquares, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Re: Buying a pound tonight..
    \t\t\t\t\tOriginally Posted by HxCurt [​IMG]
    Don't forget this is the same person that "freaked out" because a cat stood next to him while smoking, and claims it ran into a fence or something. Then posted a thread about it this morning

    Not the most shiny penny in the fountain, and I sincerely doubt he is copping an elbow. When I flipped elbows, clients are fairly intelligent at that level of trafficking. So you can see why I doubt this 100%.


    This analogy doesn't make sense too me... What does the shiny-ness of the penny have to do with getting your wish granted? or having value in general? I mean other analogies actually have a simplistic meaning behind them. "Sharpest tool in the shed" or "brightest crayon in the box" etc. Each of these imply that such chosen object will have some sort of advantage to put it ahead of the others. Having a shiny coin in a fountain would be pointless, unless someone is picking them out, which shouldn't happen, thus the person doing it is some sort of a hobo. So if you want to be a shiny coin and be picked first by a stinky hobo out of a fountain to buy unknown amounts of crack or meth, then that's your choice. But me? I'll be the dull coin which silently waits within the fountain to inevitably, over time, grant the wish of the person who so sacredly put me there.

    I just went on so many tangents that made so much fucking sense it was ridiculous. I know that was long, but bear with my greatness and read the shit.
  2. TL;DR but from the scanning it looks like you just made a thread about a different post on another thread... Good job?
  3. chill bro don't worry about douches on here and stop trying so hard. just blaze a bowl
  4. I don't like you. <3

  5. dude, im to high to even comprehend anything past that first sentance
  6. im sorry, but what are you trying to tell us?
  7. Wtf is this shit I don't even...
  8. You guys are all so awesome man. It's great! (felt like tony the tiger there...)

    Ps- Frosted Flakes sound fucking amazing right now :smoke:

  9. Aren't you the guy who smoked poop weed and said it made you closer to it?
  10. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHH, dude i remember that, i almost pissed myself
  11. It was in a balloon, no poop touched it, but yes :wave:
  12. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight **moves pinky to mouth**
  13. Nice effort
  14. I think what he meant to say is "your fucking retarded"
  15. He wasn't talking to me, but I was stoned and went ham on a bitch, analogy style :hello:
  16. #17 DreamPCs, Aug 11, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Alright, so forgive me if I'm not understanding your rant but are you really posting a thread about another thread?

    Anyway, although I understand your analogy I think you have taken the quote too seriously and I think you didn't consider other translations. I mean, the level of shine on the penny could easily represent the general education level of the subject. Similar to how "sharpest tool in the shed" can be directly related to the subject's education or knowledge in a particular area. I'd imagine not being the shiniest (sp?) penny would indicate not being the most educated or the most knowledgeable in a particular topic.

    Also, considering your analogy, I'd imagine being the sharpest tool in the toolshed would theoretically make you the most used and abused tool. Giving it the shortest, harshest life compared to the other tools that sit idly and collect thus.

    And just wanted to say I'm high so...
    1. I'm talking a lot cuz I'm that kind of high tonight.
    2. Sorry for any errors I didn't check.
    3. Oh yeah, always :smoke: :)
  17. I understand that the penny with the most shine is the best, but putting it in a fountain makes its shine irrelevant. Maybe the "most shiny penny in the cash register" or something like that, but pennies should not be picked out of a fountain, so its shine is irrelevant.

    On to what your saying about the sharpest tool, I understand completely, and you have opened my eyes. Why is the sharpest tool the best? It might be the most new, but it is in no way the most used! The most used, and handy tool would be considered the best right? So why is the most dull tool in shed not the best? It is obviously a question of intelligence using the term "sharpest" and "brightest", but as stated above "most shiny" does not make sense. Now, the "brightest crayon in the box" is a whole other monster. Anyone care to tackle the fallacy in another day-to-day analogy?
  18. Calm down, man, it's just a catch-phrase with some quick wit in it.:cool:


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