I was played. Sigh.

Discussion in 'General' started by buffEt, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. So a couple days ago, I posted a thread about how I finally found a girl kinda deal. Turns out, she was basically leading me on and bullshit like that. Apparently, she found out that some guy is gonna ask her out and she told me she's gonna say yes. And that she was "sorry and doesn't want to seem like a game playing bitch." Umm...a little too late right?

    Sigh. I'm really more sad about this than angry though. Like :( instead of :mad:. I mean it's not her fault that some guy comes by that she feels has more to offer her than me. I just...wish I could have been that guy. It's funny cause like...the night that I posted my previous thread, I was so high and just so happy. And I thought to myself, "This can't be fucking real. It has to be a dream. It's just too perfect." And fucking hell, I was right. I mean here was a chick that's chill, blazes, and rolls. All I wanted. But just like that...it's gone.

    And she still wants to keep it "as friends" and not awkward. Well tonight I had the same shift as her. And as hard as I tried to act normal and like nothing happened minus the whole connection thing we had going, it still hurt down inside. Damn.

    But fortunately, I don't think it'll be that bad for me. The old me would have been depressed as fuck and maybe not even able to work with her again. But the new me....the current me...the me after E...will be find. The fact that Nocturnal Wonderland, this huge massive rave in downtown LA, is coming up in a lil less than a week...makes it so that like...nothing else matters.

    For those who have never experienced the wonders of E, it's hard to explain. A lot of my whole mindset is changed. Hell, make that my entire life. My life is just overall more happy now. I'm a happier person. And I haven't touched E since my first time at Tiesto about 5 weeks ago. Knowing that I've kept my promise to myself of not doing it until next Saturday, despite the fact that I LOVE and CRAVE it so much...it feels really good.

    So...as one of my friends said to me, "It's her loss." It's hard to feel that way inside, especially since I feel like the one losing here. But in the end...I have my second rave coming up soon. And I guess...I'll be hoping...that I can run into a chill girl there. But if not...well...I doubt it will have any effect on the complete ecstasy I will be feeling that night.

    Well, that's the end of my half depressed rant half E appreciation post. For those who read entire thing, thanks. For those who didn't bother finishing cause it's too long...don't sweat...I do that shit a lot too.

    Buffet out.
  2. dog dont chase hoes let them come to you

    bitch want to play games fuck her shes not good enough for you fuck that hoe

    keep on doing your thing dog theres so many more girls you have no clue thats not the girl for you man

    blaze on enjoy that thizz
  3. Sorry to hear that, man. Just move on and roll at that rave :hello:
  4. Sorry for you man, you were too good for her. That rave sounds prettty dick too, enjoy that.
  5. yo man that's chill, just hook up with her best friend
  6. lol find a bi dude who rolls on e too dude

    any money if you can get past the bs of being with a same sex partner you'll both have shitloads of fun and possibly find some girls who enjoy the crazy mix as much as you do

    cuz just like girls know what girls like guys know what guys like and you're flat out garun-fuckin'-teed to get off six ways from sunday if the other person knows what your body would like from personal experience
  7. I know this is pretty cliche, but there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

  8. There are billions of girls out there. That's right, fucking billions. If you are hard up for a girl just head down to Florida. All the bitches down there want to get fucked. If you can't get a girl in Florida, you, my friend, are a fag.
  9. Shit happens buffet. Its why you try your best to get sprung on a hyna after you get with them. GL with everything, stay NICE.
  10. that sucks dude always a bummer when you get lead on man but hey look on the brightside, you got the rave and the e that's gonna be a fun night, and like someone else said don't go looking for chicks imo the best things always pop up when you least expect it, good luck and have fun at the rave dude
  11. wtf kinda advice is this?

    The way Buffet talks of this girl, I dont think getting a blow job from some dude would be quite the same.

    I know it sucks losing a girl like that, but there will be others out there just as chill that wont jerk you around with head games. Keep ya head up, getcha roll on, and go talk to some females. Do work son.
  12. Yeah...No offense or anything, but hooking up with a guy isn't going to solve anything. And i'm pretty damn sure Buffet isn't into guys, that's pretty disgusting. If he wants to get off 'six ways from sunday' then he should hook up with a milf, i'm much more attracted to 40 year old women than guys(not saying much).
  13. that hurts man... why don't you try telling her what you just told us?
  14. lol close minded folks are always gonna crash 'n burn hard

    if his goal is getting off he shouldn't have issue with gender

    if his goal is not having to deal with getting ditched/dumped or fucked over again gender isn't an issue

    if his goal is finding a female then yes gender is an issue

    @ retards talking shit about male or female homosexuality - enjoy being close minded dipshits while the rest of us actually enjoy life
  15. no we are talkin shit because u just suggested in a thread about a guy and a girl for a guy that likes a girl to go fuck a guy
  16. Yeah, i'm a closed-minded dipshit because I don't enjoy sticking it in a guy. Great fucking logic dude, have fun having guys suck your dick while I get off to a girl. I just don't get why you would even bring that shit up, he's clearly not gay or bi, he's heartbroken because a GIRL played him like a fool. If every guy in America that got dumped by a girl turned bi or gay we'd have a lot more queers than we already do.
  17. Forget her, least she did it now and not later. Sucks but thats the dating life.:cool:

  18. man dont call girls hoes and bitches around here. i know you didint mean it in the context that it sounds but it offends many of the girls here that ive talked to and we need to repect our stoner chicks more than that. thanks.

    and for buffet- thiz is love mang. youll find ten new girls to go for at that rave. have a biscuit for me. im thizzin tonight baby! imma pop me one for you.
  19. You're so open minded your brains have fallen out

    Im fuckin thrilled that I'm not so open minded that I would allow a dude dominate my asshole or vice versa.

    Why are we even discussing homosexuality?? Is it not evident from the OP that he is trying to get a GIRL? Normally I don't have a problem with gay people (one of my good friends from high school came out last November, didn't change my opinion of him one bit) but what bothers me is when gay people try to recruit straight people and then tell me I'm close minded... No, I'm just not fucked up in the head...
  20. lol says the guy who claims same sex shit is 'disgusting'

    in nature bi-sexual behavior is logical as it retards over population while keeping stress down

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