i was passed the fuck out!!!!

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  1. so one of the best times i've had smoking was fucking crazy. me and 3 of my friends were skipping school and walked a few blocks to a dealers house. we had a ton of cash and bought 2oz from this guy. i wasn't expecting to stay there and smoke but we did. all 4 of us girls we breaking it all up and the dealer was rolling blunt after blunt. We were playing really loud music and smoked 7 blunts just having a good time. Well i got cotton mouth like a bitch and needed something to drink so i went to the kitchen and all this guy had to drink was beer and vodka. Me and my best friend at the time thought it would be cool to take shots of vodka and use the beer as a chaser. We had a fucking blast!!!! a bottle later and 2 more blunts we were dancing in the middle of the floor and a door opens. i got really freaked out but this guy was telling me it was cool. it was just his mom. i had the blunt at that point and she asked for it. i really thought she was going to throw it away or something but she took a big ass hit and gave me the best shot gun i have ever had.
    the blunt was out and it was really time to head back up to the school but i sat down for just a minute to put my shoes on and passed the fuck out in the chair. they tried for almost an hour to get me up and i wasn't moving so the dealer picked me up and put me back down outside on the steps.
    things just got worst from there. a cop stops right in front of his house and at the time i was only 15, so everyone was freaking out. I was trashed.
    my mom was called and she had to come get me from the mayer hall and i still wouldn't wake up for shit. It was an awesome time and i will never forget any of that shit!!!!!!!!!

    SMOKE THAT SHIT!!!!!!!:smoking:
  2. So wait are you trying to say you are proud of the above - skipping school, smoking weed and drinking booze - @ the age of 15!?

    Sounds like a real winner!
  3. I did something similar at that age, I was 14 and it was the last day of school, finished my math exam and my mom said I could skip the rest of the day and I had 75$. I went and bought a half O, me and 2 friends seshed up a few people, at one point we had so many joints rolled that everyone in the circle was hitting one., we saved the roaches and rolled more joints and packed bowls, anyways we finished that half O of nice chron all in a few hours, between pretty much me and 2 other people, I had about a gram left and went up to my buddys appartement and rolled a fat joint and his mom rolled one too and we smoked them down.
  4. that was good for me straight out of rehab and back in school.

    SMOKE THAT SHIT!!!!!:smoking:
  5. theres nothing wrong with doing that stuff when your 15. i did the same shit when i was 15 and im sure alot of people on this forum did too.

  6. So you're justifying a kid's wrong-doing with your own and possibly others wrong actions?

    @ the age of 15...skipping school for drugs and drinking? ...daaaayum!

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