i was over hemp store to buy 10 seeds got questions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by charlie067, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. hey i was over at the hemp store checking out there seed selection i want to grow top44 there selling them for 125$ canaidian for 10 seeds and he said he will toss a few extra and there supposable garenteed female's
    what i want to know is
    is that to high of a price for the seeds i want?
    and i would like to know if anyone has growen them befor r they called top44 because u have to top them i heard that the flowering time is only 6 weeks but whats the yeild like ?k lets say i grow like ten of em and 2 are male what would u guys say the yeild would be around?thx

  2. pllllzzlzlllz awnser soon i realy wanna go back to the hemp store for them seeds :0)
    but i need info on the plant just the same question i just asked
  3. top 44 does indeed flower in approx 44 days, however the price seems quite expensive......but then again they are ferminised and you don't have to run the risk of getting the seeds stopped at customs.... http://www.ukseedsupplies.com/
    look at this site 10 seeds are only $15 U.S. but like i said they aren't ferminised hence up to 50% of them may turn out to be male!.......but the choice is yours......Peace out......Sid

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