I was looking through tshirt hell...

Discussion in 'General' started by bigred420, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. and I noticed this, what the fuck are they trying to comvay here, is it to simple or am I just fucking retarded.

  2. well, the fluid exiting his penis, whether urine or semen at the time, is the liquid that STILL ONLY COSTS 1.29 pg.
  3. ... i don't get it either

    i will happily give you either bodily fluid free of charge
  4. well thats a nasty tshirt that I can wear around my parents and they still wouldn't give a damn.
  5. lmao :hello:
  6. It means the prostitutes have to pay YOU to suck your dick. Shows that you're hard or somethin' lol..

    or it could be

    Since the gas prices are rising you can still suck my dick at a low price?? Kinda stuck on this one..
  7. How do you not get it? There is a huge white arrow.....
  8. lol i think he saw the arrow just didnt understand penis = gallons parts when he didnt realize fluid comes out of it? maybe not puttin words in his head
  9. Your parents care what T-Shirts you wear?
  10. semen sir...semen...
  11. some of the shit on there they might be kind of ticked off about, like the swallow or you'll get it in your eyes tshirt.

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