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I was looking out my window...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JNorris, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. And I saw this tree and I was thinking, how sweet would it be, if that was a huge mega bud... like, the dankest weed youve ever smoked, and a whole tree of a dense nug, where you can pick handfulls off at a time and it would grow back...:smoking:

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  2. There would be a lot of deaths with people climbing it and falling lol.
  3. I was looking in your window...
  4. that would be amazing
  5. That looks like a dank tree, nice hairs and very green!
  6. Then I would be very very high very very long
  7. after a light snowfall or some frost...that would be the keefiest lookin bud you would ever see...
  8. My neighbor has these bushes that look like a giant bud. I always wish it was a giant bud.
  9. Yea bro I have this idea that weed back in old days shad that big haha.
  10. you must be supppper high
  11. Never thought of that
    Like a mega tree with some dank bud
    Indeed my friend would be spectacular
  12. Who is going to pull the nugs off of the electrical wire?
  13. I saw a dragon once...In the Nevada desert...With "friends.":cool:
  14. Just imagine the size of the grinder you'd need.
  15. That would be amazing.
  16. 3" trichome heads with 10 grams of 100% THC "hash" it would be like a 3 " crystal rock (not to be confused with crystal meth :p)
  17. I have that. Its called my grow tent. :) :smoke:
  18. Pics or it didnt happen :)
    I have a nice lil bush in my closet myself
  19. If you have that big a tree in your grow tent I will bow to you my good sir :smoke:
  20. Pics in the sig links. Now of course I don't have a bush like the tree in the OP's post. I was more referring to taking some out and it growing back. I harvest and 4 months later have a nice full tent again. Like magic. :) :) :)

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