I was locked out of my car.....

Discussion in 'General' started by Phat-Toi, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. for 2 fucking hours in the middle of a hot ass parking lot!!!!!!!!!! Well to keep it simple i was going to go refill our 2 5Gallon water containers and get some ice since it was a hot day and we ran out of water. I put the 2 containers in the back and throw the ice in it aswell but b4 that i had put my keys in the back seat so i dont forget em. IDK Y the fuck i did this but as soon as i closed the door i KNEW I WAS FUCKED. i check all the doors too see if i left 1 unlock but to no avail. So now my keys/wallet/cellphone are locked in my car and im stuck in the middle of a parking lot with the ice melting in the back seat. Since my celly was in the car i coudlnt call nobody so i went in to the water place and called my lady with their phone. I dont have an extra copy of my key(but ima get 1 ASAP!!) i hit her up and told her to bring me my slim jim(the rod you use to unlock the door) thats in the garage. She brings it after like 2 hours cuz she was at the DR. So i had no shade was by my car and just pist off and feeling like a jackass. She finally brings it and it took me like 4 mins to get the door open. I was close to just breaking my window cuz i was getting impatient but then that would of cost more cuz i would have to replace the window and re tint the window. Fuck THAT! im here now and i just thought u fellas should know my cituation, NOT NICE. I was sweating like a mofo but at least i dont have to pay for another window and i STILL GOT MY WATER with a HALF MELTED BAG OF ICE in the back seat LOL

    SAy what u will, but FUCK it was such a highkill, im getting my key copied in a while and ima get 3 extras just in case and shit. Stay high GC
  2. What a bummer man...It was hot as hell around here today (after about a week of mid-60 degree weather) so I can understand the heat.

    How far away from your house were you?
  3. I was a good 15-20 mins drive away dog. I was contemplating about walking to my crib but it would have taken like an hour to get home and back PLUS with my keys in the backseat anyone could of just smashed my window take my keys and take off with my all my shit. I also got a dvd player in the dash with a good sound system, im not losing my subs for shit. So i man'd up and just stayed until my girl got there
    :hello: im about to load up a bowl in my tube and kief it up to just chill
  4. lol one of my homies does that shit all the time...always locks his keys in his van...luckily there is always a way of getting inside that fucked up van.
  5. I live in LA too, it wasn't quite as hot as you made it seem.. but to be standing around in the sun for 2 hours would have given me a brain aneurysm!! Definately a high kill, and I've been lucky enough to have never had that happen *knocks on wood*, but my old lady has the spare key.
  6. thats awful man, i feel for ya...
  7. Yeah it got pretty down here in L.A. today.

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