I was just wondering what kind of cigarettes most people like...

Discussion in 'General' started by _Salty_, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. These are my absolute favorite [​IMG] Im gonna go have one now so I await your responses
  2. Ive been smoking American Spirits lately. They last 10 min exactly which is how long my break at work is
  3. I was wondering if you knew how to use the search function? :D
  4. What the HELL is with the tags lmao?
  5. im baked...
  6. [​IMG] OR [​IMG]
    ...I switch it up from time to time.
  7. parliament menthols or newports. not a big smoker though
  8. heh woah does that say 6 class a cigs :laughing:
  9. I dont LIKE any ciggarettes, but I smoke Camel Crushes or 72's.
  10. American Spirit Perique (black pack)
  11. I usually roll my own fugs, but if I had to pick, it would be either Reds or 27's.
  12. LOL I think it does! I have no idea why, though.
    other cigarettes just don't taste right to me. i don't like full flavors that well, and i don't like a strong menthol flavor. newports are smooth menthol.
    i'll also smoke any camels, or marlboro reds if i have to, but if i had the choice i would only smoke ports.
  14. i roll my own cigs wit a strong turkish blend
  15. Good ol' Marlboro. Only $1.50 for a pack of cigarettes where I live. Mwahahaha
  16. I used to smoke royals, but they stopped selling them around here. I rarely smoke, only if I'm drinking or something and its whatever my friends have. I tried some Marlboro Smooths last night and really liked them. Might pick up a pack next time I go party.
  17. yeah smooths are good
  18. I like to switch it up from time to time, generally Marlboro Smooths, Newports, or if I'm in the mood, Marlboro Reds.
  19. Belmonts up here in Canada..

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