i was just watching some nutso tribal show on travel channel

Discussion in 'General' started by aparker813, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. anyways the highlight was when they were showing the men's names below them on the screen when they would be talking and one was named "bong" so of course i laughed...then a few minutes later i glance over to see a guy named "old bong" really cracked me up. i realize its not at all amusing to them and could very easily mean something very good- but to me it was hilarious at the time
  2. haha, that is sorta funny.

    i was watching that show once, it was pretty intense. they guy took some crazy drugs and was throwing up and hallucinating and having what looked like a pretty terrifying time. afterwards tho, he was accepted into this tribe and he was allowed to sit in the tent with all the men and such. it was pretty interesting.

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