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i was just lookin out my window

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. suns shining,.... snows melted,*checks nope our grass dont need cut but its green*
    an i think of RMJL!
    those christmas lights hiding in the treetops for 2 years are catchin the sun and sparklin real pretty. i looked like an idiot putting them there two years ago, and im going to look even bigger when im cutting them out.
    *envision this....ok kinda tall 25 feet or so but verrrry skinny, thats where the lights are. its like a gorilla tryin to climb a really tall fern.*
    now thats when you really know your a bad lil hillbilly...
  2. gorilla ina fern. man!...
    people slow down to watch,....i hate the front yard.and you can

  3. btw, good morning crittter......

  4. lol,..ill tell you what..ina few hours you will see exactly what i mean.
    shame shame shame...
    you just WANT people to laugh at me...:D
  5. you asked for it..... i was going to go higher but this is what yu get when an 8 yerar old is in pocession of the camera. an it was our last picture, an im all tangled up in christmas lights, can you see em? and the tree was splitting apart....notice how clooooose the road is?.i never go out there.

    lets rephrase gorilla ;) say, eh...."for the love of god jim, what the hells she doin now"
  6. LMAO...well, at least you got those damn Christmas lights down!

    I drove by some house this weekend...they had big Easter eggs in their yard with some bunnies and other things. I suppose it would have been nice had their CHRISTMAS LIGHTS and the CHRISTMAS WREATH on the door not taken away from the display. Someone on the main road still has garland around their mailbox. My neighbor has Valentine's crap on their front door and St. Patty's stuff on the window!

    This is the point to all of my crap that I'm typing...

    ...if you're going to decorate for the holidays, decorate responsibly!! PLEASE!!!

    Oh...Higha, it's fun to laugh at people...especially the ones we love!!! Trust me on this...I'm having fun laughing at you!!! ;)
  7. There are some people around here that didn't get their presents. They still have their lights on every night. I think i'm going to leave a note theat reads......

    This note is from RMJL.

    Take down your damn lights, christmas is over fool!
  8. we dont turn ours on, so it dont count!!!!
    broke the tree,..hehe noones noticed yet,( its dark)
    just grabbed a strand-o-lights and jumped
    didnt get them down tho it was traffic time. just broke the tree :)
    p.s. theys in all the lil trees. ok back to gorilla ona fern.
  9. How did ya break a tree. Looks like you need some help. I'll send ya a chain saw. It'll make it easy to get the lights
  10. sssh dont tell, i had to stand on tiiiiny little limbs to get that far,....must be a soft tree.
    an later when i came back to show you what exactly it was i had to do, looked out again at my sparkling tree, an noticed a "few" broken branches hanging....oops.
  11. Maybe if you flash your boobies from the tree top some poor bloke will stop and get them out of the trre for you. That is the lights, not the boobies out of the tree.
  12. Hey Poppa, I thought that only worked when you're hitchhiking, if you have a flat or when you get pulled over...I didn't know that helped out with yardwork and chores. I learned yet another new thing today!!!
  13. Flashing boobies will get all things done!!!!!!

    Us gentalmen will do alot for a peak!!!!

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