I was just given a 40inch tall plant-HELP!-

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Chickenfoot, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. My neighbor who was growing outdoor gave me this 40 inch tall female. It's been outside in a pot for as long as i can remember.I brought it inside my house last night becasue its starting to get colder.
    I know nothing about growing, so here i am with this plant..
    The thing has started budding. Just tiny buds so far.

    So can anyone help me out and just tell me what to do with it now. It's in my room now, which is between 70-75 degrees. I don't really have to worry about parents or anything else.
    I have one of those lights with the hook on it to hang it somewhere.( the ones that take regular light bulbs, not sure what they're called exactly. Will that work? how long do i leave it on? is it even worth it? watering? i just dont want it to die :confused:
  2. That plant definitely did not get enough light in its lifetime. You said it's starting to bud so I would just get it under proper lighting now and hope for the best.
  3. And what would proper lighting be?Alls i have right now is a 60 watt bulb in one of those hand lamps for like basements. The plants sitting in my closet with the light above it right now, but im guessing that won't be enough.
  4. Since you know its a female I would chop her into clones and go from there.... with more light of course
  5. well i cant really make clones cuz im movin in like 2-3 months. So im just trying to get what i can outa this plant.
  6. Put it back outside.......it's not gonna get near the light it was used to inside, plus it looks like the pot is way to small. It's probably root bound and under nuted. I think it's time for you to start reading all of the information in the sticky posts so you can get a handle on the wants and needs of the marijuana plant.
  7. At a minimum swap out the incandesant bulb for a high watt CFL. Incandesant bulbs don't put out the proper light spectrum to promote growth.
    And make sure its on a RIGORUS 12/12 light cycle!!!!!
    Use a timer!!
  8. if your moving in three months you should have enough time to cut some clones and harvest those. You might not be able to flower for as long as you might like but none the less you will have much more bud if you just cut a few clones. just a thought

    Happy Growing

  9. ^^ this. I'd suggest repotting the plant into a bigger pot (3-5 gallons) and stick it back outside. Water it every 3-4 days, give it a very dilute dose of nutrients once per week (1/4 the manufacturer's dosage...and not miracle grow either, buy some stuff at your local hydroponics shop that carry products designed for cannabis), and harvest it when it's ripe. I'm not convinced you'll get a big harvest, but it'll be better than nothing.
  10. id repot it, pull it down horizontial (lst), & either flower it, or put it back in veg

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