i was high when i thought of digitripping

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  1. I was smoking weed with friends of mine and are always watching different kind of trippy videos and images on the internet. I am a website builder by day so i came up with a idea to make a trippy website for stoners digitrippin.com it's called. the name was a littlebit hard to find so we came up with this because we always use to say "hey let's go digitrippin" when we are high tripping on things we found online. I basicly made some pages full of things i like to see when i am high and put them togetther on a website for everybody to enjoy.
    I would love it if you guys would check it out and give some comments and tips so i can improve the website
    I am form holland but i made the website fully english so everybody can read it. I hope it's understandable and that it's nice to see
    please check it out at digitrippin.com
    thank you in advance, Daan lockhorst

  2. Awesome idea. I just fucking owned that maze though :)
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    Bookmarking this for the next time I go on a date with Alice. Awesome idea!
    You should also try to find different kinds of trippy pics. For example you could have a section of just pics that look crazy in one way -- like Alex Grey's art -- and then pics that are crazy in another way -- art that looks like all those crazy screamo t-shirts. Possibly some M.C. Esher art. Then maybe wallpapers that don't look trippy until you fully start to examine them (Hard to explain, but my friend had a wallpaper that looked like a planet in space with fractals, lighting, lense flares, etc... and if you tripped out on it you'd start to see all kinds of shit. The image would basically become a canvas for your mind).
    I haven't completely looked through the site yet so I could be bringing up shit that's already there. In that case I'll just feel like an idiot when I finally have time to fully check it out.
  4. this is great
    I'm gonna have to keep going on it
    I like the relax videos

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    You should definately have an ART SECTION. Throw in some Giger, etc. Giger is probably the craziest fun I've had while tripping.

    Edit: For videos, try the music video to Eric B and Rakim's Paid In Full.
  6. Just. Don't cave into the temptation of ads....

    Sometimes it sucks to suck
  7. Holy shit, thanks man! 
    Always wanted a website like this!

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