I was high in wal-mart the other night and...

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  1. I saw this old cross-dresser guy..like I could care less if you cross dress but this guy was HORRIFYING looking. His make-up scared the living shit out of me. He looked like a ventriloquist dummy and it was SCARING THE HELL out of me. Literally I kept trying to keep an eye on him walking around because I was scared I would turn around and scream if I saw his face. He had a 1940s bright orange curly wig and was wearing a polka dot dress. He had heavy dark eye liner and god..it was terrifying. When my friend ran up behind me to say hey I ALMOST lost it and flung him to the ground out of adrenaline and fear. I wish you could have seen this guy's face..the make-up was roginmeorign. It was also like 1 AM in the morning and there was barley anybody in wal-mart so that creeped me out too.
  2. Lol should've took some pics. Personally i would've beat him up cause i like to scriminate.
  3. stoned trips to walmart are the best.

  4. I wonder if this is why i typically smoke something b4 i leave my car and go into walmart shopping.. its not that way anywhere else, but wal mart and weed go together for real.
  5. And yea i love going to Wal-mart belligerent drunk. Like ill tell random people to fuck off, be a asshole, lol i only get like that when im really wasted cause my dad was a bad alchy so when i drink a lot i am the biggest asshole
  6. I wonder if the cross dresser ended up on people of walmart . com hahah
  7. Don't go to walmart late at night if you aren't prepared for
    some weird ass people.

  8. This.

    You know, the underbelly of society needs to shop somewhere too, lol.
  9. What the fuck is "roginmeorign"?
  10. Did he look anything like this?
  11. Mad lulz up in this bitch
  12. was it anything like this:


  13. You know I always thought like this, then i realized... I was at walmart late at night...
  14. Yes!

    This was my first thought. That is a great site for good lulz.
  15. I remember back in the day when i worked at Superstore this dude came in to buy groceries. He was fucking JACKED. Must of been like 6'5. He def. did steriods but his eyes were fucking bloodshot red and he was all fidgety in the line up i saw this fuck a mile away.

    When it was his time to ring up this fuckin guy did not say a word. He sat there and stared me down until the transaction was over. Imagine saying "Hi, hows your night going?" to some fuckin gorilla with beat red eyes, probably high on unmentionables.

    It was intimidating but in the back of my head i knew he wouldn't do shit.
  16. Too wierd
    Walmart by my house has a crossdresser similar to yours 0.o
  17. Every time I go into walmart high and they greet me it always catches me off guard and kinda shocks me for a minute. At my walmart, there's this crazy fat old lady who just kinda jumps out at you like, "Hi!!!! Welcome to walmart! I'm on meth!"

    She even jumps out from behind this wall so it's extra scary.

    I'm always like, "aaaah. Oh hi!" Lol, startled at the store every time!
  18. when i was like 14 my buddy stole his moms minivan and we were smokin some mad weed. it was like 3am and we went into walmart to get munchies. we ended up walking past a fucking swat team and they all stopped, turned around, and said come here. so we booked it. we ran towards the doors and an employee decided to try to stop us so i punched him in the nuts lol. we
  19. got away but on the way home we hit a deer and completely destroyed that minivan lol.
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