i was gonna...

Discussion in 'General' started by xtiffany, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. go to target to buy some stuff

    go to the library to check something out

    ...but then i got high. maybe tomorrow? lol :smoking:
  2. if only the library was attached to my house.
    atleast this is in my house....
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2W6w47hV1U"]YouTube- Prince - Batdance (Batman Soundtrack 1989)[/ame]
  3. seriouslly, ever since i discovered the power of a library card i've never bought a cd, dvd, or book. ive also found so many awesome movies and cds just by browsing their collection that i would have never found by myself.

    we pay for these public services through taxes anyways, might as well take advantage!
  4. haha thats what im saying!

    everytime i say im going to get a movie at the library people give me a werid look..

    idc, they can go give 4 dollars for a movie and 6 for a game. fuck that.
  5. yeahh, everytime i say that to my friends they give me a weird look also.

    ohyeahh, and the rental is like a week for dvds at my library! thats more than enough time, lol and free.
  6. mine is 5, but still. its not like they bill you if your a few days late. as long as you return it.

    mine has pretty good movies too. i didnt expect to see such new ones out. for such a little town, and library its good enough for me. :smoking:
  7. I was goin' to smoke some weed...

    But then I got high...


    Da da da da dada da da
  8. I was gunna smoke but then something happened!

  9. I was gonna go get stoned, but then I got high.

    du du dudu du du du du.
  10. How about getting high AT the library?

    Huh? Huh?

    yeeeaaaah. :cool:
  11. ......no dude thats lame.

    edit: most metal post count ever

  12. i already do that.

    guess im lame, lol. :cool:
  13. We should get high at the library together. Like a huuuuuuge library and just walk around the stacks and stare at the mind blowing amount of books stoned.

    haha. i'm not even high and i'm not making any sense.
  14. i like your swagger

  15. my campus library is 8 stories tall, plus one room underground. it has elevators and escalators and shit!

  16. i like your MF DOOM avatar.

  17. hey hey we're cool :cool:

    he's playing in nyc this weekend, you should go
  18. id love to, but thats too far. :( i live on the west coast.

    (see signature, pic of the Golden Gate Bridge)
  19. I love doing my school work and news stories at the central library in my city. Such a multicultural and interesting place. Everyone from sleeping hobos to drug dealers dealing to magnet Asian school-kids.
    I cant help but be inspired!
  20. yeahhh, i see hobos at my library too, especially this one asian chick.

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