I was gonna ___ But then i got high.

Discussion in 'General' started by Atlas, May 27, 2009.

  1. I was gonna fix what i broke, but then i got high


    Now you try.
  2. I was gonna smoke a bowl, but then i got high.

    Wait.. what?
  3. I was going to finally go pick up the piece I need for my bong at the headshop. But then I got high.
  4. I was gonna get high, so instead I got REALLY high ;).
  5. I was gonna tell you all the secrets of the universe, but then I got sober..............

    and forgot what the secrets were.....
  6. I was gonna take a shit, but then I got high.
  7. bubs ARE great, and the i got high:smoking:
  8. i was going to murder a family but then i got high
    i was going to ruing my familys life with alcohol but then i got high
    im doing the world some good and i know why (why man?)
    because i got high.... because i got high.. because i got hiiiigh:smoking:
  9. I was gonna go to work last night.....but then i got high(ER)

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