I was F****ed the minute I walked in...

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  1. So, I have a security job already. I went to apply for another one at a different company; My brother has a job there and I forgot about their, "test-on-site" Policy..

    Now, I get all fancied up and arrive 15 minutes early for my interview (Walked in and saw 3 other people for the same thing), immediately I noticed a lump in my pocket, I had 3 sacks left over from the other night.. (I travel when I do my business, completely forgot), all the while we take this test and get told we aren't leaving without a drug test. All of us look at each other in shock, we had all smoked the day before since we discussed it.

    So... I went first to try it and tell everyone how Fucked they were. Now.. I'll get a picture and specs of this urine test, but it blew my mind.

    It had a cylinder inside and the numbers "90-92-94-96-98-100" on the front, it lit up 92 slightly, so I figured 'Eh, okay... no biggie, maybe temp?" I walk back, he pulls the label off the back and I see two colums (Pic below), Opiate, Coke, mAmp, Amp, THC all show up nice and pink. My first reaction, "DOES THAT SAY I DO COKE?!" he wasn't so worried about that.. mainly it was the THC he cared about.

    Needless to say.. my process ended the minute he saw the results. And everyone there knew they were going to fail.

    I was cursed the minute I walked in there.

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  2. Ouch dude, I am sorry to hear of your job opportunity loss.. I wish you better luck for next time, hope you are prepared :smoke:
  3. It's alright, figured out I couldn't manage 2 almost-full time jobs. One is On-call, the other would be full 4-11PM shifts.
  4. wtf is a security job? security guard?
  5. Yes. I work as security for the state hospital, wanted to get another. (That shits bank you know.)
  6. i got hit with one of those getting off probation once, total suprise.

    i filled it with water from back of toilet. let the water fill up the little tube in the middle. then i pour the rest out, pissed in it. i was very careful not to shake it. i passed, and got off probation : )
  7. That sounds pretty shitty. I'd be pissed haha. Sorry you got jipped on what seems to be like a good job. And you better not be doing that coke! Haha i'd probably shit a brick if that happened.

  8. You were simply applying for employment. You had every right to change your mind and walk out at any time.

    What was their end-game? Holding you down and forcing a catheter up your wang? It was just bully tactics.

    Personally, I would be more concerned if you listed your current employment as a reference. Depending on the company's policy, they may have to inform.

    Even if you had got the job and signed a contract stating that you would submit to random drug testing, you can always refuse. It may cost you your job, but you can still refuse. In some cases it is better to lose the job then test positive. For example, if you are going through a bad divorce and you know your ex can use the results against you in court.

    Try to take this setback as a life lesson and move forward a little wiser and a little better informed for the future. To that end, I suggest you work to develop the impulse control needed to abstain from smoking 24 hours before a job interview.

  9. Nice title op. So you do nothing but opiates? I thought a faded line was still considered passing.
  10. If they told me I wasnt leaving without a drug test, I would have left. Fuck that.
  11. I can't imagine that in your world getting "all fancied up" means wearing pants from a few nights before. For me it usually means completely clean clothes at least!

    On topic though sorry for the loss, and just hope they don't tell your employer (if you listed them)
  12. The second I would have heard that it was on-site Lol. Thinking to myself "Wow, that changes everything" then text a friend to call me claiming my brother has been in a car accident and I need to go to the hospital.

    I wouldnt take it knowing for a fact that i wouldn't advance past the DT stage of the interview process out of integrity and I'm sure there would be some stupid paper trail.
  13. That is illegal in most states. Law is clear that drug test results for current or prospective employees are confidential.
  14. Illegal, but if you're in the same field, it might leak to your current employer.

    I like the car accident idea, but if I walked in and was told I would have to take a test before leaving, and KNEW I smoked the night before, I would've left either way. Why waste another hour or so if you know how its going to end?
  15. Then you have a pretty clear-cut case of HIPAA violation, and can sue the company that didn't protect your information.

    Besides, unless the company has a grudge against you, they have no reason to inform you current employer of anything. In the day of frivolous lawsuits, companies are extra careful about violating rights when it comes to employment. It's in the company's best interest to simply dismiss you as a prospective candidate and continue their search. Speaking from personal experience in HR and drug-testing prospective employees.
  16. Ah I see Pyschodelic420. I'm guessing that's just HR protocol at Dunder-Mifflin ;]
  17. [quote name='"DEA"']wtf is a security job? security guard?[/quote]

    So rude lol and ignorant as well

  18. I think he was really asking.
  19. In any or most security listings, you're sort of required to take drug tests on-site if it's policiy.. They have you sign a waiver, if you leave, you lose the job. I took a shot in the dark, didn't have any ties to my other job.

    It was a shock to me, but hell it was pretty fun ;]. I knew I couldn't pull off 2 full times, but I gave it a chance to see what happened.

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